166# Self

166# Self

I still recall, the first Wednesday of May...
The day where we met each other.

I still recall, the second Wendesday of June...
12.40am where all hope in eclipse.

It's been 7 months and counting,
Since the day i got abandoned from the cliff.

I always wanted to try again.
I told myself.
Do it after CAL is done.

Now CAL is done.
I told myself,
Do it after i got into a university.

Now i got into a university.
I told myself,
Don't bother it anymore,
Study first.

My mind tells me,
"Mike, damn you wei."

"Stop giving yourself so many god damned reasons."

"Take the chance when you have it.
If you had one, there would be a second.
Don't ever let the opportunity fade away just like that."

I replied my mind,
How could i read Her?
She's not those book which i read and familiar with.
How would i how what She thinks?

And this was how my mind answered...

"Please do not expect any answer from Her.
Just tell Her what you wanted to tell.
As long as She knows,
That's all.

After She's being told.
You can continue to do what you what to do.
Go study as long, as much as you like.

You said that isn't important to yourself,
You're such a liar.

Just ask yourself,
What are you thinking,
What have you been done within these 2 years?
What was the reason you threw her away?

Is that everything for you?

I replied,
I don't know wei...

I know what to do then.
I'll be fine.

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