174# HCNY, whatelse?

174# HCNY, whatelse?

Happy Chinese New Year.

It's kind of weird for me to type this during the first day of CNY. I'm actually taking a break at home now. I have went to 4 places during the morning until evening.

Nothing much. Same plans are repeating for years, maintained.

But this year's CNY is a little bit different for us. Since we are still in mourning period, which will going to be for 3 years. So we are not celebrating it, unlike the previous years.

Not celebrating, in the sense of no colourful dressings, no angpau, no greetings, and so on. Got to follow and respect the taboos set by the older generations...

Since there's no angpau from my father's side's family. My income has decreased dramatically.

I got a few of angpau which i'm allowed to receive from my mother's side. I have not check it yet. But i guess the amount is not enough to buy even a piece of single CD. Well, that's not important anyway...

For you guys who are spending your time overseas, hope you guys could find something to do to spend your time significantly. Maybe the student council will have some sort of Asian festival celebrations, i guess?

Well, i don't know how does it feel like to spend your Cny days without your family and friends, but i guess the Cny is just another day as usual. Isn't it?

If you need "Huat chai" number to buy TOTO, 4D or whatever... You can go to Rojak's blog's achieve to get one number. If your number won, don't forget to pay some to Wingz rojaks and me ok.

Thanks to all my friends who have sent me cny sms-es.

There was a very meaningful Cny advertisment on the tv, by Petronas. Those who are still in Malaysia should have already saw it. I shall just narrate out how the story in the advertisment goes.

Venue - Somewhere looks like a rural area, outside of a rumah orang tua.
Event - Four old women aged 60 - 80 sit together, chatting and having lunch

Auntie 1 : My son and daughter ah, they all very busy one ah. Working outside.
Auntie 4 : Oh ya ah...?
Auntie 2 : My son ah, he is a doctor. Specialist in the what... Cardialogy. Working in London liao now.
Auntie 4 : Wa... doctor ah...?
Auntie 3 : My son also very busy one. Always have business around. Earns RM450,000 every year one.
Auntie 2 : My son also. He go operate people one time also can earn 20,000 pound. And he got operations 2 times some more every day!
Auntie 4 : Wa...
Auntie 1,2,3 : Your son leh?
Auntie 4 : My son ar? He very good. He is still here around. He always bring me out to jalan one.

(Suddenly a Proton Iswara drove near to the rumah orang tua. There was a couple and 2 children. And the man got out from the car and approached them)

Auntie 1,2,3 : Who is that?
Auntie 4 : Oh! Is my son. My son come fetch me liao. I got to go liao. Bye bye.

Son : Ma, you good or not?
Auntie 4 : Oh, i'm very good.
(The son held the auntie carefully and walked towards the car)
Son : Let's go to Cameron Highlands this year.
Auntie 4 : Cameron ar? Good good. Ok ok...

(Auntie 1, 2 and 3 stared at Auntie 4, speechless. Waved her goodbye)

Look, no matter how much their great sons and daughers earn, the most important thing is that they have never spend their time on them. If those aunties are so action, they would not be staying at the rumah orang tua at the first place.

In the end, Auntie 4, who has a son, who always bring her out from the rumah orang tua go jalan jalan, is the most action auntie among them.

Money does not matter in this case. Being a good son or a good daughter is everything.

Love your parents. Love your grandparents. Spend your time with them. Don't ever send them to those place when they are old later on. Don't.

Be good, stay with them and make them happy. These are what we could do to repay their kindness of raising us up.

I love my parents. So do you too.

Have a prosperous year, folks. Stay in good health. Hope y'all stay happy, steady, smarty, funky, naughy, sexy, sweetie, bitchy, slut, horny... eh, no no... cutie forever la.

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