161# Twin Towers in the Twin Towers

161# Twin Towers in the Twin Towers

I guess it had been 4 months i did not meet Wei-Jin. We met up in the KLCC yesterday. While seeking for him, i was scanning for any tall objects around. And that was the first time we hang out with Princess Kim too. Too bad Aretha did not make it because she was sick.

We had lunch in Genki, and then looking for books in the kinokuniya. Followed by Tower records because i wanted to look for Ai's third album. Apparently it would not be available now since Taiwan's release was 23rd of Dec 2005. Considering the time for them to import it to our country, it would be here around Febuary...

We missed out to go to the Quicksilver, to see the handsome in there. Too bad...

I can't remeber where was it, but it was in the MNG department. Jin spotted someone and called me to see.

Blonde, was it in black top?

I did not get it, though. Suddenly i felt that we were doing was quite funny. Because we had never do thattogether for such a long time. Cyndi felt curious about what we did. But she managed to find out anyway, haha.

Both of us, who known as the Twin Towers. Very first time we went to KLCC together. Made up a funny term as "Twin Towers in the Twin Towers". That was quite the cool!

I was said that i've grew from 6 feet 1 into 6 feet 2. I'm not sure... I hoped that i'm not growing anymore. Or else i can't find anyone to suit me. Like Adrien wrote,

"Mike, get a 6 feet girl friend to suit you!"

That's really hard. Perhaps models would have that height...

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