160# Shortalk

160# Shortalk

Hey, folks in the UK, Ireland, Germany, or whatever country... Remember to renew your driving licence when you get back to your homeland...

My P licence was valid until 5th of January. But it had never gone through my mind. Only when my younger sister passed her driving exam, then i realised that there was a P licence in my wallet that i carried for the past 2 years.

I went to the driving centre, or whatever name people name it as, to renew it. RM30 per year, plus RM10 for service charge. Sigh, we are paying to much for the government for such messed up roads. I did it one shot for 5 years. Save the additional service charge next time.

Just now Joanne sms-ed me. Informed me that she'd grabbed a photo from my friendster profile. A picture that i drawn to be exact.

I did not understand why most of the people prefer the 11th one than the 14th one that i've drawn. According to her, only i found out the mistake i did in the 14th piece.

The 14th one looks weird, in the sense of not natural enough, and not in proportion. The noticable part is her hair at the top of her right. Yes, i did notice that too. But for me, that wasn't that obvious. But now i noticed how bad that mistake was.

14th is the last titled drawing i'd drawn in the year of 2005. I remained a lot of the untitleds undone. I need more mood. But now i do not think that i have the mood to draw anymore. Got to be busy for my university arrangements.

11th -
14th -

Going to stay at outside alone later on. I think i need time to adapt myself. Besides, i will not have car to drive when i'm staying in the apartment beside IMU campus. So my meals will just be taken in the apartment... How sad.

But Princess Kim said she will picked me up from IMU and go for dinner in Sri Petaling. That's really good. Hope she wasn't joking. Thanks in advance.

Anyone knows is there any empty room to let in Vista apartment? Let me know alright.

I'm going to IMU to get some info about the rooms from the notice borads in the campus. Meeting Jin and Aretha, Princess Kim, and maybe the others as well, later in the KLCC. See you guys there later.

I'd formatted by CPU. DoTA is not installed back. Sad case...

Alright, i shall not talk too much now. Since i'd did for the previous posts. Not going to hurt your eyes again. Anyway, further up i'm going to write more.

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