96# Left Behind

96# Left Behind

Congrats to Harp that he managed to enter PMC for medicine in the end... Things turn upside down dramatically. I hoped that would happen on me, which Cambridge gave me wrong results... Anyway, that's impossible. Stop dreaming Mike.

PM8 smarties are leaving for UK on this September. And most of them are studying now. Man, i'm still waiting for my sister to buy me the IMU application form. I'm not even apply for IMU yet, damn me... Before i get the form, i'll need to get myself pastport size photographs. And of cause i'll need to write an article regarding medicine for the application.

I got no idea how to start... What i think about medicine, and what do i expect for being a doctor... I'll need to write it out. Man i suck in writing... Actually what they expect me to write about? I just don't understand...

Instead of starting to write about what that, my hand of out of control and possessed by my sudden burst of inspiration. Saw some nice drawings at the magazine and copy it out. Actually the original ones looked 100 times better than mine one, since the artist is a pro and people studied art. I'm neither... just draw it for fun la.

I can't believe i'm drawing these... A great different from those i drew. Whatever it is, this is still something better in some ways...

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