94# Nineteen Pt.2

94# Nineteen Pt.2

I did spent my birthday, birthnight actually with friends through the air. My friendster got spammed by testimonials and messages. Both of my 012 and 016 got attacked by sms-es and picture messages... And my msn almost hanged.

Thanks to everyone who sms me. You all did remember my big day. Actually most of the people greeted me online after they saw birthday noticfication thingy at friendster right... haha. No one called me that night, but i was the one who called someone to chat with.

Talked to the phone until 3, nearly 4am. Got Ngar Shien's sms when 3.10am, walao, champion la her. She could not sleep and went online, therefore she found out my birthday. I hanged up nearly 4am, because the person over the other side got to sleep.

And Layhui sms-ed me when i was struggling with insomnia. It was 4am something man. Thought Ngar Shien was the champion but it was actually Layhui, haha! She was going to Malacca the next day but she had not sleep yet that time.

Alhough i slept late, i planned to wake up at 10am as usual the next day. I forced to wake up when i got a call from my old friend (hardcore types) in secondary school. Abinesh! Walao how come he could actually remember my day man?

"Wei, Ming HB man!"
"Walao dude, how come u can remember my birthday one?"
"Of course la, you are my Peng You ma..."

Spoke Chinese some more, genius. This indian dude must have flirt a lot chinese girls in his Form 6 school ACS, the so-called "All Criminal School" or "Agung/Anjing Curi Spender". Most lf my secondary schoold mates are there now...

It's a pain in the arse to call all friends to come to klang to hang out with me. KL, DJ, BU, Kajang, Shah Alam, Rawang, etc... The closest buddy here, William must be with his parents that time because his parents just came back. Tried to think of who to call, but no one could actually make it if i invite.

Fine, went online.
Google search : King of Fighters 2002 movelist.
Found! Oh man the moves are just so damn bad...

Ultimate move for Iori Yagami : Quater Circle Back, Half Circle Forward, Back, Forward + Weak Punch+Strong Punch...

Walao ye... how could i actually do that move using console in this laptop? That initiated me to struggle with my sister's laptop for that game for the whole day, at home. That's how i spent my day. Contained shit.

"Thanks to your concern. I appreciate it..."

This is how i replied to all the sms i received. Saved and send like a template. Lazy... actually save more time to reply. Could not reply one by one man...

And that's all, i'm 19 already. Hope i'll get into a good Uni, that's my wish for this year.

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