98# Fly Away from here... Pt.2

98# Fly Away from here... Pt.2

Woke up around 9am. Ken's alarms was really annoying. But he never bother it and continued to sleep also. Man, alarm at 6am but we slept at 3am la... haha. henglin left after taking breakfast. Left 2 of us...

Justin should called me around 12pm to bring us out for Bah Kut Teh.But he played DoTA until 5am and the time Ken called him he just woke up. It was already 1pm that time... So after Justin came to fetch us to have lunch, we went 1U for movie.

Voon Wei bought us the ticket, The Lords of DOgtown. Not bad. 7 out of the 10 i can rate it. Saw Poh yoke over there. 1U is her second home la, so it's normal to see her there, haha.

After time and times of getting lost during way to Cheras, finally we managed to reached there. Mmm, Layhui's neighbour's house is very big and luxury. About 7times bigger than the houses at the opposite row. And it's 4 or 5 levels. But the swimming pool a bit the small la.

Since it was a combined farewell/birthday party with layhui's neighbour, so there was a lot of people that we do not know. I could see that the particular gang over there is the ACC clan, the so-called "Andartu Care Club", haha. Can really read from their faces and appearance whether they are the ACC gang or not. Chinese faces, really can tell.

Harpreet and Joshua bising that we did not call them when we when movie. Some more they stay so near. So sorry for that... We did not expect that they were free also at that time. But Justin and me when mamak at Murni with both of them until 2am after that... My first time to minum at mamak until that late la, already broke my record. I usually mamak until 12am only, good boy ma me.

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