92# Backed Again

92# Backed Again

Layhui said she wanted to eat pizza hut, and since i had not try the Cheeze Lava yet, therefore i dragged everyone for Pizza...

When i reached at KTM subang, received msg from Poh Yoke, met her at Cabana then. Later met Sek Teng, Layhui, Yi Feng... And then She Fong and Ngar Shien at Pizza Hut. It was long time ago since the last time we sat together to have pizza...

After that, we went to Chinspiration to kill time... We are not that good yet to sit in the MPH for the ceremony... We got to wait for Yi Feng, Tai Ken, Layhui and Poh Yoke who were having great time in there before we could go for movie at Pyramid.

I felt so sorry for the delay for our movie. I did not expect that i could struggle with the arcade for so long. Was playing KOF 2002, and i lost during the fourth stage. When Justin returned to me, i played for the second time again. And i was using Iori, Mature and Vice. I just leanrt the move of both girl players a day before, and i could fight until the final stage. Including Da-paoing a challenge at the other side. First time man. But i caused us to be late for the movie, so paiseh...

My conclusions for the movie are : Jonny Depp is really flexible... and the oompa loompas are really disgusting and funny.

After the movie they went to Bangsar for dinner. I could not join... no transport la man. How could i get myself back then around 11pm? Therefore Justin dropped me at the KTM station and i went back alone.

It was the 14th of July in the lunar calendar, the so-called Ghost Day od the Ghost festival. It was the exact day where the gates are opened and the hungry ghost were set free.

When i was in the train, i received plenty of messages from friends regarding the ghost festival thing... calling me not to go out at night. Come on man, i was in the train at night. The rest worse la, go mamak some more at Bangsar. But never mind also la, we never bother about it since we are PM8! Study pre-medicine ma, science minded... Whatever.

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