95# I "shop", alone, insane

95# I "shop", alone, insane

Again and again i delayed, in the end i went to buy those wears that i'll need for my university interview. Actually i did tried to buy a pair of leather shoes for me. 3 times i tried, but the damned Hush Puppies will never have my size.

Finally, got one that suites me, Dr. Cardin's one.
For "Doctor Mike" later on.
Went U2. Where are those formal wears dude??
Went Polo, ok... Cheap until rot, SALE is on man.
Da pao 2 long sleeves and a short sleeves with 1 more trousers.
Mike will never look this good in formal since he is always Gothic possessed.

XXXcard's offer : More than RM50 consumed in a single receipt entitles a chance to win a trip to Paris and Milan, among the 4. Oh great...

"Miss, separate it, and try to give me more receipts."

That's a smarter way to get myself more chances, I want to go to Milan and Paris to shop since they provided pocket money for winners too, i guess.

Hunted so many stuffs, threw those into my car and continued to lepak. I was at Bukit Raja la, nothing to shop also in fact... Tried to kill time. I got no idea why i would walked until the electrical department.

Philips DVD player, my dad called me to buy that one instead of Cheaplak China mari's one. According to him it'll be around RM200, but the one i saw was RM299. So it's RM300 la, aiyo... My dad did not lied to me, RM299 is still "around RM200" right...? Erm...

That model is the cheapest among all Philips. Just that it is not DivX supported. Do we acutally need it anyway? I've seen some softwares online that able to convert DivX into MPEG or AVI, or Vice versa. So actually don't have to bother about that format right? Since can convert it from computers and burn it into a VCD using MPEG format or AVI format... Whatever, Msia is still too early for DivX.

"Encik, saya mau ini"

Spent a lot today. Hope it did not exceed the monthly limit of my dad's one in total. I'm so sorry about it, but i do need formal wears for interview.

"And my house got no DVD player other than laptop with DVD-Rom!"

Outdated ain't? Finally i can watch BoA's DVD. See she dance so well with DVD quality, wo ha...
I can borrow DVD from friends to watch, i want "School of Rock"! And my mum can borrow "Jewel in the Palace" form my aunt to watch the ending, haha.

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