90# Drowned on Kytheraen Tides

90# Drowned on Kytheraen Tides

I have to make up my mind to take medicine course in IMU. But i still have to have some other plans in case that my application is not accepted. Over and over, again and again i considered. Instead of having a tough life later, i shall suffer for these 5 years first for medicine course. And maybe once i got a job as a doctor, my life will be easier.

At least it's not as blurry as to be a reseacher or something if i take biotech or biomedic courses... And i think that personally i will prefer job as a doctor instead of a researcher. Besides, blood is thrilling...

Since my CAL results just full fill the minumum requirement for applying medicine in IMU, so i'm very very dangerous now... These are my options :

1. IMU is the very first option i want... Fulling concerntrated for medicine course, unlike USCI and the others, which provides lots of courses and might not able to improve this course. And IMU is near ma... Bukit Jalil... Besides it's not government's one... Damn it la. Further more, my sister is there! But now she already in the 5th semester, going Seremban's campus soon anyway. Got my sister at least i got a guide.

2. My cousin is studying medicine at Penang now.. I got no idea what is the name of the campus, something like asia thingy... Anyone got idea please tell me ok... I think the requirement is lower than in IMU, so if let say i can't go in IMU then i go there la... IF la.

3. Worst come to worst, i fly only la. Russia... Well, russia is definitely cheaper than in IMU. Around 10 to 20k only according to my dad. Actually if i study there instead of IMU can lower my dad's burden. But i do not want to leave Msia due to some reasons. But the reasons may die in the end so no problem la. Scare i will bring a blonde back home then... oh God please bless me.

It ain't easy to pick up medicine. As i know still got lots of them studying medicine... Tai Ken, Su ann, Harp, Shaf, Voon Wei... anyone else that i missed? And i think i'm the only one that doing it locally. No $ ma. Doing it at IMU also enough to kill already. At least can kill a person like me from the middle class.

Anyway, Good luck to me to apply IMU.

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