91# These Filthy Hands

91# These Filthy Hands

I'm officially finished my work at the EON car workshop today. 1 month, 4 weeks, but not 20 days. Because Saturday i never go work due to the reason of guitar classes. And somedays i only went for half a day because needed to go lepak. And 2 more days i did not go due to reason that i found, the hazy condition.

I will need to go back later anyway, as to get my salary... More accurate, literally pocket money. Since i was not a trained mechanic there and i was just helped out some simple things. And the pocket money that i'll have is not from my uncle. He got no such time to handle it, the mechanic there will give me.

I do not expect much about the pocket money, since i was not employed.I was forced by my dad to go and my uncle never disagree about it. Hope that the amount that i'll have will get me a pair of jeans and shirt, which is around RM200 la, hope la.

So far, as i was sent to learn, i did learnt lot of things. Some general ones, and some technical ones. I can do those major services by myself which involves change of engine oil, auto transmission oil, brake fluid, tyres, oil filter... most of the customers come for services. And those repairs surely i can't do as i never study anything about cars. I just know that a car has more than hundreds of different sizes and patterns of screws...

I was taught to change the suspension, shock absorber, gasket, disc brake pads, and stuffs like that. Furthermore, steps to steal petrol from a car... Got one uncle's old car sent to repair the clutch and timing belts.

As the parts are seriously stained by engine old, therefore the gears needed to be cleaned. Neithe with water nor soap, but with petrol since it is a kind of solvent for the engine oil. And the mechanic went to 'steal"... actually "get" some petrol from that car to clean those. The petrol i saw flowing from that car was not yellow brown, but it was blue! Oh damn, Shell V power man! 20cents more expensive than normal ones. Normal oil is about RM1.62 per liter, and this V power is RM1.82 per liter man... Old car old man but damn loaded fella...

I met lots of people from there... Fat guy with white Honda Civic, a handsome guy with his red heavy modified sporty Satria GTi , lots of hamsap fellas, and lots of people who deal with cars. I learnt a lot from them...

All right, days in Hell are gone. I do not need to listen to those words about my background, no more physically tiring works, no more dirty hands... I appreciate all the stuffs i learnt from there. As it will help me somehow in the end. Thank to myself that i could really get through this Hell. Praise me. please.

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