85# IE and Firefox

85# IE and Firefox

If Su Ann never tell me yesterday, i won't be able to know that actually my blog is not viewable by using Mozilla's Firefox. Both of the content boxes are squeezed to the left and the right. And nothing can be read.

Man, this is one of the problem using Firefox though sometimes it's more convenient than IE. Firefox needs lots of additional plugins for most of the sites. That is the major problem for me using Firefox. So far i've never face such problem like Su Ann. I also did not know that my blog is that sucky if view by Mozilla.

The best thing using Firefox, of course! "Open Link in new Tag" isn't it? Really very convenient and can avoid from over packing at the task bar.

I'm using my sister's laptop so far to do all the com works. Including setting up this blog and everything for this blog. But i did sent some entries using taylor's coms before though. And the display of this laptop and different from the other coms. This display is bigger than desktop displays, slightly. So, although i can see the full image of the background picture, but the other coms do not. Sigh... desktops only able to see half of the face of the person in the picture.

Therefore i forced to upload a smaller background picture... So that everyone can see a complete one. I do not want my Mika, Ai pictures to be so cacat in my blog...

Anyway, back to the topic. Hey you, IE or Firefox? Both are fine for me. But so far i'm still hanged with IE since most, or all of the internet sites are made to be compatible and best view with IE. For Firefox i only use it to check friendster and the search engines. The others, still IE...

P/S: This site is best view using IE with display of resolution 800x600 or higher. Thank you. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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