192# A.B.G.

192# A.B.G.

There are basically 3 different types of people in our country. 3 different backgrounds and 3 different attitudes. Let me list out the 3 with Type alpha, Type Beta and Type Gamma.

Type Alpha

- Spend a lot of staminas for working.
- Work hard to support the family.
- Children need to work to relief the family's burden.
- Dedicative, serious and willing to sacrifice.
- Left behind by the pace of the society.
- In the end, have more tendency to commit crime.

Type Beta

- Spend a lot of time for working.
- Work hard to pay for children's studies.
- Children are so lucky to continue their studies.
- Innovative, creative and competitive.
- Always try to get more attention from the society.
- Do not concern about the nation.

Type Gamma

- Spend neither stamina nor time for working.
- 9-5, 3 breaks easy work.
- Do not need to worry about their children's future.
- The third party always fully support them in education.
- Do not need to worry of losing work.
- Patriotic, afraid of risks, relaxed.

So, which type are you in? Type photon? No such a type mate.

It's really a great thing where 3 different type of people are staying together under the same roof. Even though some lucifugous still happen under the basement. But the shack is still tough enough if compared to the banglo out there.

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