195# 3 Free things

195# 3 Free things

There's been more than a year i'm driving my car. Before that i was driving a wira, which drove by my elder sister currently. Since the past one year plus, i had never send my car to anyone for car wash.

I usually wash it by myself. The part time maid has no luck to wash it because i will usually leave home for lectures after 6.45am. And she usually comes to my house after 10am.

My car is parked in front of my house at a very god damned strategic location. The car is exactly under the pendarfluor.

It's a place where the mosquitos got attracted to. It's a place where lizards hunt for food. It's a place where the lizards shit.


So every morning when i approach my car, i can see more and more "white spots" on the bonnet, windscreen and on top of the car. The super alkaline chemical substances leave permanant trace if it's not removed for a period of time. The excretions from the lizards have successfully block my sight from the front and from the sides.

It doesn't look right when someone drives out a car which is fulled of shit. I have no choice. I have no damn time at all to clean the car every morning before i set off to school. So usually i will just leave it just like that.

I will only wash the car when the amount of shits on the car exceeded my level of endurance. But it rarely motivates me nowadays since i'm busying for lectures and studies.

I remember the last time i washed my car was 3rd of March. There's one reason where i will definitely wash it - When i need to fetch "someone" out with my car.

Come on man. A car's apperance reflects one's reputation. If someone's car is full of shit, would you take a ride with it?

Before today, my car was damn screwed up. Dirt and lizard faeces on the windscreen and windows. Sand and stones at the carpets. And the most horrible part was the passenger seats were conquered by the spider web. My car is not used to fetch more than a person, so...

I would like to snap some photos of my car before and after it was cleaned. But heck, where the Hell is the 5.0 Mega pixels, 3.5 years old, 2.6k, cover spoilt Olympus C-50?

Anyway, i sent my car to the car wash shop this evening after i came back from school. I knew the price was RM8 for a sedan because my sister sent hers to wash last week.

Snow Wash plus vacuum for RM8. Bet you can't get any cheaper, and anywhere else other than in Klang. But for my car, that person costed me for RM10 because my car is slightly bigger than a sedan. What the...

That indian could not really speak in bahasa. So i was trying to communicate with him in Tamil. I was thinking how to say "Eight" in tamil. But i needed to count from the beginning from "one" at first.

One - On-ne
Two - Ren-de
Three - Mu-ne
Four - Nar-le
Five - An-ji
Six - Ar-re
Seven - Yer-le
Eight - Eight-te
Nine - Om-bo-de
Ten - Bart-de

The pronouciations go like A# 1/4 count - C 1/8 count.

Eg. Pronounciation of One, "On-ne" goes like the tone of A# for "On" and C for "Ne" with an addicitonal heavier stroke for the ending. Tone may vary according to person, but the flow is the same.

I'm not really sure about it. I've not go across tamil for quite sometime. Hey, don't you forget that i was once from the secondary school called Kampong Jawa? Where you can find lotsa indian gangsters and mat-rempek. That was how i learnt tamil.

Whatever, RM10 just enough to have 2 meals in the food avenue at IMU. But RM10 isn't a small amount though.

While those 5 indians clean my car up, i walked to the food court nearby to have my late lunch. It was exactly 4pm that time. Char kuey tiaw plus teh ais for RM4.00. Price of petrol increased and thank God the price of the lunch was still making sense.

30 minutes later, my car turned into brand new. I checked. The audio is shinny clean. The carpets are black - clean. I could see through the windscreen and windows!

My car is dirt free, dust free, and also shit free!

I drove it back home. When i wanted to get down to check again, i spotted something the driver seat's door. The trash at the door was not removed and was not cleaned! The used tissue paper was still there! The wrap paper of the cereal bar i ate on 4th of March was still there! And there were spider webs!

Damn it. How could they missed that.

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