402# Orthopaedics: Start

It's the 3rd day of orthopaedics posting, and I'm still very, very blur.

I was once a sub group leader during surgery posting and I'd say that task was really busy. Now, being partially forced by the batch leader, I became the posting leader for this posting.

Leader for orthopaedic posting is said to be the worst, busiest leader among leader for all postings. Because none of the schedule is finalised, most of the programme will either be pushed forward or backwards.

Now carrying the burden for the third day, I slowly feel how tedious the job is. Just hope that this task will not affect my studies that it. But certainly my handphone will be the first victim for sure, as to stay in contact with the doctors and fellow group members of 21 about the changes of the schedule.

On the first day of posting itself we received our results on the previous exams. Theory papers for obstetrics and psychiatry and as well as clinical exam for psychiatry. It was rather fast, unlike previously, all the exams results will take 2 weeks to process, this time it only took a week.

It was good to see that I passed all 3 of the exams. At least a dangerous pass for obstetrics theory paper, there were 9 out of 21 people in my group failed the paper.

Can't say that I'm happy at the grades, but I'm blessed enough to pass all of them. Not all people managed to pass all the papers, because the rest had papers like paediatrics which was very hard to pass.

Yesterday I was so tired and I slept at 9.00pm after I completed (partially) my slides for the seminar. I sort of planned to wake up later to study, and at the same time I really hope that I could sleep until 6.30am of the next day as to compensate for the insomnia of 2 days.

I woke up by the noise of KS bathing at the bathroom. There was light, light of the dawn. It seems early 7.00am to me. I was glad and found my 10 hours of sleep restorative to me.

I thought KS just woke up and moving to ward after that. It did not take long for me to realise that my clock actually registered as 11.57pm.

No, I did not had a 10 hours of sleep. It was just merely 3 hours.

And I had to stop sleeping and study for the next 3 hours. After 4 hours of sleep, had to wake up again as the "real" new day came.

Today we had the video conference for our seminar on the topic fracture. Being the group leader who arranged the grouping for everything, I didn't even have the idea that I'll need to present today until yesterday evening.

The video conference was just, weird. The doctor is at the Batu Pahat campus while we were presenting in the video conference room in Seremban. Like what the rest said, you don't know whether to look at the screen or to look at the camera during conversation with the doctor.

I spent a very long time in doing the slides, and in the end 2 hours before the seminar I notice that I did not copy the slides to my pen drive, and I had to drive back home to retrieve it!

And after the seminar, I walked towards the public car park situated about half a kilometer outside the campus. While I almost reached at the car park, only I realised that I parked my car in the campus, and I had to walk back to campus.

What a day.

Now I know why Eugene said that I'll need to carry skeleton around.

I carried this heavy skeleton alone myself to the lecture theater from the clinical skill unit, not until I got help from Thomas and Adrian when I reached at the lecture theater.

Orthopaedics clinical exam in 1 month's time. And I'm still very, very blur.

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