403# I see you die

Just realised that it's your birthday today.

See, it's been 5 years, 1 month and 23 days.

See, you are 23 years old already, 3 months ahead of me. I bet you are having a more enjoyable life right now, at least I hope you are.

See, it did not take long for you to heal. I cut you open and I cut myself too. Now you have healed so nicely while I'm still picking up the pieces of my torn skins.

See, it did not take long for you to retrieve your happiness. I gave you happiness for 327 days and I gave you sorrow for less than 150 days before you found your happiness again.

See, when you were bathed in sea of the new found happiness, I was still regret over the sin of creating and degenerating the happiness that I gave you.

See, you knew I was guilty over the decision that I had made. I cut you open and I sealed you back, after that I decided to cut it all off again and let the pictures of me fade away from you forever.

See, you get married when you were 22. If I did not make the decision for us, you would not have meet him, and you would not have get married at this young age.

See, I could have talk to you more during the dinner at your place night before your wedding. But I didn't, because I don't want to leave anything behind.

See, you did not even look me with your eyes. I wonder why was it so hard to admit the presence of the person whom you invited.

See, I was upset that you did not invite me during the actual day of your wedding and yet you still messaged me to thank for my presence. No, you did not invite me there. I was not there.

See, I just want to delete the image of you from my memory forever, like how I wish it could for you.

See, I just don't wish to see you anymore.

Inn i Evighetens MørkeInn i Evighetens Mørke

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stinchan said...

nvm mike..em sai lam, fan em dou cin tao d..


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