71# Stereoisomerism

71# Stereoisomerism

If i could make my choice again, i would not attend to that dinner yesterday. But if i knew tat everyone was there, guess i might not think of that way too. The problem i faced was transportation, but it was solved since She Fong was able to fetch me. But the one thing tat make me headache was my dressing.

I do not have any which are considered as formal wearing. I did have. But now, i rarely shop for those since i got no formal occasions. All my old formal wear already do not suit anymore... I really got no idea what to wear, other than my college wears.

No matter how many times i sought for those in my cupboard, no means no. So i just simply bantai-ed with my college wear. Tried to be wearing as descent as i could but still looked like going college...

We were the last group who reached there, bcoz She Fong was trapped in the traffic jam. As i walked towards Lemon Garden, i was really stunned for about 1.28 seconds. Every guy other there dressed up damn descent and formal. Colar shirt, black trousers and black shinny leather shoes. Me? Long sleeves cotton shirt, jeans and sport shoes with big "tick" on it. A guy who so-called stays on a coconut tree went to 5 Star hotel with those kind of dressing was really such a big disgrace for the ppl around.

Damn, i felt like going home straight away. Apparently i could not as i need to give face to everyone. Instead, i felt like seeking a hole for me to hide myself. How could i join them when i dressed up like tat? I felt so alien and isolated. Convinced myself to be thick skin a bit, just joined the ppl for the dinner.

Actually what we ate is totally, undoubtedly, obviously, apparently, definitely less than what we paid for. Of coz, buffet. What i could calculate were: RM50 for the excitement of variety of foods. RM20 for what we ate. RM 10 for the venue for us to take photos. RM1, the service charge. Do this figures make sense? Well, it doesn't matter since tat was the last dinner tat every1 of us in PM8 would have together.

I didnt really eat much. Too tempted to the desserts and it filled a quite considerable space in my stomach. I tot the desserts were only the interlude for the whole song. Who knows i got fulled after tat. Actually there were still lots of foods i didnt get to try... A bit regret to eat too much of desserts...

Since tat was the last time where every1 will be together, and also every1 other than me dressed up so well, every1 began to flash themselves. There were so many digital cameras there. As i noe, other than me there were lots of ppl brought there cameras...
Brandon, Jin, Yi Feng, Susan, Su Ann, Ying Ying, Lay Hui... might missed out some ppl. Just remembered tat inside the room was just kept on flashing...

After so much of flashes, my vision was blurred for a few moments... Guess they'll publish the photos online. For photos took from my camera, click here. And the other photos by the rest of them.. i think over here la...

Thanks for every1 tat able to attend to the dinner. At least i was still able to see every1 for the last time, i mean all of us together... Somehow i heard Su Ann was interested to have picnic togther at Tmn Tun. Oh no, KL again... Tat's y ppl like me who stays at kampong needs to go to the downtown really very inconvenient. Luckily Susan's dad able to fetch me home on tat day, bcoz there were no more ktm train after 11.30pm.

Thanks to Yi Feng who accompanied me to find for Susan's car tat night... And i heard Jin's car got some problem, batteries kena da pao. Even harp tried to jumpstart also dint work. Hope his mean ass Pajero is doing well now, after giving some intake of medicine.

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