72# Drift

72# Drift

Alrite, Monday was the very first time i been to 1U. Ok, i'm a fool. Pls dun laugh at me tat why for this long i'd never been there. There're still lots of malls around me to lepak, other than those that i've never went. Not necessary must go to those high class malls rite.

Klang also got Bukit Raja, Klang Parade, and the worst-place-on-earth the Shaw Centre Point. For downtown ppl may think tat i'm just a freak for not goin 1U. Yes i am. Up to u ppl to judge. Btw, had u ever been to Shaw Centre Point Klang to witness the decadence of those ppl around here? If u dun, u're fucked. So pls dun ever scorn at me tat i'd never been to 1U, same as i've never been to Sugai Wang, Bintang walk or some shits like tat. You have ur place to lepak, i have mine as well.

Without justin probably i wont go to 1U. Together with Sexy Teng, Voon Wei and Harpreet we watched Initial D. Cantonese movie so Harp needed to read the subtitles. He still managed to understand the whole story. Usually i watch and read at the subtitles at the same time, i'm used to it. Therefore i can understand better.

Lots of artist acting for that movie. A very good movie, 9 out of 10 i rate it. I dun mind watching again. The drifting parts of the cars were the best scences for me. And the part where Jay Chou cried, ppl critiqued tat it was damn fake. But for me, i felt like crying to if i found out my other half was a whore. In fact, who really wont drip a tear for it?

It's impossible for me to copy the drifting technique like in the movie. My half assed 4WD cant do it, so no worries, i wont copy the stunt.

To drift, from moving at high gear, shift into low gear, either first or second when reaching a turning. Then the back wheels of the car will swept, hold the steering tightly and control the car at the turning. During the sweep, due to sudden change of gears, centripetal force is created from the centre of the turning to the back wheels of the cars. To balance up the force, the driver needs to hold the steering tightly and drive against the centripetal force. Therefore, during the turn, brake a lil then must speed up. Or else the car will be thrown away by the centripetal force. With the strong grips between the tyres and the road surface, force against the centripetal force and speed, a turn is made possible without slowing down the vehicle.

My own theory above. I guess guess only la. FMI, ask Mr.Hari. Looked simple but it is damn hard when come to practice. Dun ever try it in Msia's road. Those are not made for drifting. I do it only at Daytona, ya, the arcade racing game. Haha...

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