371# Move

371# Move

Everyone is being emotional recently.

One of the reasons would be the exam that we had last week. Most of the people did well. So I think I am the only one who emo over it. Like usual, I did quite badly. Wonder why all of this still happen on me.

Other issue is about our house.

We moved in to this house on September, days before we started clinical schools here in Seremban. After 2 months of staying here, the landlord sold this house away and asked us to move out before March 2009.

The so-called one year contract isn't applicable in this case. The landlord has the right to ask us to move out as long as we are given a one month notice. So it's legally correct.

But it's so ethically wrong.

Staying at the houses which looked haunted isn't a bad idea, because it's just outside the hospital.

So, we have no place to argue since the house is already sold. Instead of fighting over to get the house back to rent, we tried to look around for house to move out.

We planned to move by Christmas week, where we have 2 weeks of break, I assume. But in the end we decided to move out by end of this month, simply because that we can't stand the sight of the fake.

After being informed to move out, within 26 hours we managed to get a new house to rent. It's in another garden nearby our current area, but slightly deeper.

Actually our current place is quite strategic. It's 2 minutes away from Tesco, 3 minutes away from Jusco, 2 minutes to highway, and 1 minute to lowway. We usually reach the campus in 10 minutes time, because the highway is really convenient in case of the need to fly.

But anyway this new area isn't too bad after all. But just lack of the Cheo-bu factor.

Sad. But this time we have experienced the wicked and fake side of the so-called human being.

It's nauseating.


PS: The one in the photo is not me.

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