368# Happening~

368# Happening~

Just a little update to push down my previous Gundam post.

Few days back Kin Chern asked me to read Chingli's blog, and ask me what kind of life I'm having over here, as compared to them in the overseas. Oh well, that's quite a big difference.

Over here we do enjoy ourselves once in a while, minus the photo taking and the blog entries for those events we have.

Plus we don't go for sight seeing and take photos around. Because there's no place to go around here except Tesco or Jusco. Oh yeah.

So, last week we went to Jusco for the RM2 bonanza offer from Sushi King.

I got a second memebership card from Chan, which I passed to my mother and I'm holding my own one with myself. Thus I can use it while I'm in Seremban and my family can use Chan's ones too, since Chan doesn't need it now.

Do I owe you lunch, Chan? I better don't mention this...

Due to the delay in the campus, we reached 30 minutes late as planned. In the end, we had to queue up for 1 hour to get our seat. Seremban's branch of Sushi King is the smallest ones I've been to so far. The number of people queuing up was more than the people eating inside!

And heck, where is my unagi?

Seems that there is a shortage of supply of unagi over there. But this did not happen at the branch my family went, and they enjoyed unagi to the max. Over here, we had to rush into a group of sushi-hunger killers before we could get our sushis.

No unagi, why did i go there for? And that really kills off my appetite. I used to eat up to 13 plates, then 11 plates, and then 10 plates only. And now this time i ate only 8 plates, lose to Jane and William who ate 10 plates. I know it is still quite little, I know they can eat more.

Maybe I've just got sick to Sushi. Last time during semester 4 I used to go sushi king very often with Chan and Kean Seng, just because we had nothing to do.

Semester 4 was a big honey moon for us. Plus the free A- for selective, great la.

I guess I won't be eating sushi for a while, because the taste is making me sick.

Hope you are reading this, the CEO of Sushi King malaysia. You need to secure the supply of the unagi my friend.

Anyway, each of everytime after i eat sushi in sushi king, I say to myself I'm bored of it and I won't eat again. But somehow, due to unknown reasons, I will still walk into the restaurant...

After we finished eating, we saw a few houseman doctors from our hospital queuing up for sushi too, and we went there and talked to them. Jusco seremban 2 is indeed the most happening place in Seremban. Sad but great.

One more week to go for internal medicine posting. Family medicine is next.

End of Posting exam on next Wednesday. Wish me luck.

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