367# Gundam Fix Figuration #0038 - MSF - 007 Gundam Mk-III

367# Gundam Fix Figuration #0038 - MSF - 007 Gundam Mk-III

This page is so deprived of Gundam-related posts lately. I remember the last post about Gunpla was around July, where I posted the MG Shin Musha Gundam I completed. But I didn't post up the full post, because my camera ran out of juice so I didn't manage to capture more pictures.

In addition to that, I also wrote about the MG unicorn gundam, but it was left incomplete as well. I should continue to write about it in Destroy mode.

Other than those, I still haven't complete the post about our Langkawi trip. And those folks have already went overseas now. Really miss those times.

Having such tight schedule in the clinical school, I doubt that I would have time to fix Gunpla. Usually one Master Grade takes me around 7 days to complete, where i spent 2 to 3 hours a day. Thus that makes up total of 14 hours to do the straight building, decals and coating.

14 hours, I don't really think I would be so rich to spend my time for that. Of course it's still possible for me to fix it right now, just that it would take me up to months to complete.

Months ago this GFF (Gundam Fix Figuration) is released. Around July if I'm not wrong. It is not a mobile suit from the TV series but rather a new design from the Godly mechanical desginer Katoki Hajime under the variation series.

Mk-III resembles both Zeta and Mk-II, could be their son if both of them got married. For me, I think the outlook is really nice being a Universal Century mobile suit.

Maybe I've just got tired of Cosmic Era's design. I already have 6 MGs from the CE but only 4 from the UC. Therefore I am more or less got attracted to UC's original, mechanical, more realistic design right now. Plus due to the time restriction I have right now, I'm more deviated to finished model currently.

GFF is not plastic model like Gunpla. It is a prepainted model by Bandai which manufactured in Hong Kong, unlike all Gunpla which are made in Japan.

Among all prepainted model like Hcm-Pro, MSiA, EMSiA and so on, GFF line stands on top of the list in terms of price, design and finishing.

It is 100% fully painted and infiltrated with Katoki's infamous heavy markings. It usually come with numerous weapons and able to convert from one form to another. In this case, this Mk-III is able to convert to the Full Armor Mk-III.

And it comes with a stand which is quite useful too.

This is my first GFF. Bought it in Cineleisure on last Saturday with the price of RM198. The most expensive gundam in scale of 1/144 I've bought so far. But it definitely worth the money because of its finishing.

I wanted to buy this long time ago but my list for MGs was quite long so this fella had to queue up. But since now I have not much time have for myself to fix Gunpla, thus I give this GFF a chance. Quite curious about GFFs, plus I really like the design, thus I spent my quota of months to buy this model.

Unlike Gunpla, GFF's articulation is relatively limited. However, standing position is the trademark for Ver. Ka's models. So they already look nice with the standing position. And you would not want to pose it around often, since this may scratch off the painting on the surfaces.

The quality control is always an issue for those finished models which are manufactured outside Japan. For this GFF I purchased, I chose one among all four boxes so that I could get one with the best QC. But anyway there are still some parts where the paintings are off, still tolerable somehow.

My main issue for this GFF is that - the ball joints and armor joints are too loose!

Especially the wing stabilizers on the backpack, the ball and socket joint, the ball just can't fit tight into the socket. And while in Full Armor mode, the armors fall easily from the body. It's quite pissing off there the same piece of armor fall more than 10 times before it could be fitted in place.

And the rest are just fine.

Mk-III with shield and the Beam Rifle. The rifle's clips are removable and can be attached to the shield. The rifle or the handgun can also be attached to the shield. Besides, there are 2 beam sabers mounted on the shield as well. Pretty much of arsenal to be carried on the shield.

As being mentioned above, the articulation is relatively limited. The knee can be flexed up t 80 degress only, unlike MGs where can go up to 180 degrees.

But however it's not an issue for me, since I won't be posing it around but to place it in standing/standby position, or simply, in the box.

Handgun is given as well. It's not called as the handgun actually, but I just can't find what it is called from the details written on the box.

Even such small weapon also have like 9 markings on it. Typical Ver. Ka design.

Generously 2 beam cannons. Kind of hard to hold them in the hands due to its massive size and limited joint movements. And the beam cannon's design is still inherited from the UC's ones.

All these weapons can be attached on the shield or on the backpack, just like any other MS from theUC line., which is quite helpful. But the weapon's weight may add extra burden to the joints, thus this isn't what I will do usually.

Will write about the Full Armor mode during next Gundam deprivation period.


Pros: 1. Quality design from Katoki Hajime.
2. Able to convert to the tanker Full Armor mode.
3. Plenty of weapons given.

Cons: 1. As usually, unsatisfactory quality control (Painting, panel lining)
2. Loose joints (this upset me the most)
3. Poor articulation (Expected)

Rating: 4.5/5

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