366# Together, Sleeping for Health

366# Together, Sleeping for Health

Seems that I'm severely lacking of photos to post in my page currently.

My handphone's camera function is not been used as heavily as i did back to the Bukit Jalil days. Right now, I don't even have much time to spend wth the phone. That explains why I don't have to charge the phone as frequent as in the past.

I still abuse the phone once in a while at night to see the photos taken last time. It's nostalgic, you know, to see all the funny, stupid, so hai photos captured intentionally or accidentally in the phone.

But sometimes I would have photos sitting in my phone which not taken by me.

Seems that Kean Seng is too bored and he decided to fool around my Revoltech models and snapped a few photos of his masterpiece as rememberance in my phone.

There was another time where he camwhored 3 photos of himself. I'm sorry but those photos are too shiny to be published. If I could, then I would have post them here.

Talk about shiny, I think that Ann's hair is quite the shiny by the way. Stands out totally from the crowd. It's just a matter of time to get her ass whacked (she herself is the notorious butt-slapper anyway) by the authority. Therefore hope after she eats the raya kuih then her hair can return to normal as soon as possible before she returns to the ward.

Like I mentioned above, no new photos to post. No photos almost equals to no new posts. Because I do need some visual to stimulate words. But anyway, more sleeping photos ahead.

Not a lot, a few only la.

Afternoon is the best time to sleep, because all your blood rush to you guts to digest your lunch and your brain suffers from shock and you just go hibenate mode.

Of course we don't sleep when the lecturers are around. The few minutes before the TBL starts are precious enough for us to catch a small nap :)

I can't remember who is the one in the above picture. She sat behind Mei Ann that day. And someone beside her sabotage my photo taking with a pen but apparently she failed.

And i recognise the the person in the photo below;


I always take photo of those people who are sleeping and now this time i kena from Thomas when i sat beside him.

When I was sleeping during the TBL session, Megala was paying 120% attention. Damn, that's a huge contrast.

Everytime I try my best to stay awake but most of the times voices seem to turn into lullaby and my mind would slowly drag away from the real world and go into random eye motion.

"Sorry, I can't help it. I've tried my best"

Clinical school. How far can we go?

Mmm... Sounds like imu's orietation video.

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