365# Vol1.0 - Internal Medicine posting

365# Internal Medicine posting

Finally I have internet connection at home, after uncountable times of pushing done by Darren to streamyx.

We can never get what we demanded as soon as we want, because the party at the other side always tend to procastinate, isn't it?

So, we have gone through 2 weeks of internal medicine posting in Seremban. A very tough beginning for all of us. Quite la...

People said that surgery posting is the hardest among all 3 of the postings - internal medicine, family medicine and surgey. But seems that it's the other way round.

For surgery posting, everyone has to be in the ward before 7.30am, which I think is super early because I like to sleep until late. So that's the hardest thing for me to compromise. While for us who in the internal medicine post, we have to be in the ward before 8am. Slightly later, but not much.

Regardless the fact that surgery posting is the toughest among all 3, but the feedbacks I've gotten so far from those who are in surgery are quite positive.

At least they admit that their schedule is not as hectic as ours.

Weird, seemed that our schedule is more pack than them.

(important photo removed)

So our schedule starts at 8am and ends at 5pm daily, with 1 hour of lunch break. Not exactly 1 hour for us, because the case presentation is very unlikely to end on time so we tend to have less than 1 hour of break.

And everytime I have to rush from the hospital to clinical school's canteen, fearing seeing all the food got sold out.

Unfortunately, most of the times it does.

We have to take calls once in every week, from 5pm to 10pm. But before 7pm is visiting hours so we try not to interfere and we only get to the ward after that. Although we only need to stay until 10pm, but we tend to stay longer than that.

For those who are really dedicated, they stay more than 1 call per week, but not me. Because I have to go back on every Friday, so I did not stay for that.

Therefore some of the days we are in the hospital from 7.30am until 11pm, which I did not expect. So that's why 20 out of 27 of us slept during the CSU session. As shown above.

Now I'm looking forward for the 1 week Raya break.

We need more time to study, and sleep!

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