421# And the remaining 30% left

Last friday was a special day for us. For me, not only it was my birthday, it was the day where we get our results for our End of Semester 7 exam.

I did very badly for SAQ, quite badly for OSPE, badly for short OSCE, and not so bad for long OSCE. So I sort of know that I can guarantee a pass for myself.

The long OSCE is still the one which carries the most marks after all.

But havin' said so, I always tell myself and the rest that, "Malang tidak berbau". You wouldn't know what will happen in the very next second of your life. Like, 2 seconds later you'll get a urge to fart or something which you won't predict in this very second.

So, I did have a little fear that I couldn't make it. But the fear didn't affect me much. However I still acted very indifferent while waiting for the results.

Come what(ever) may.

In the end, I got the result. I passed.

But I wasn't happy. Because my birthday wish didn't turn out to be true.

"I want everyone to pass EOS7"

3 of them have to repeat the semester and 1 of them has to withdraw from the course. It's really saddening, because I'm quite close to one of them.

Anyway, this year's post exam+birthday is the most boring one ever.

Currently I'm having a short one week holiday from now, with my frustrated, extremely bored and angry mind.

This sucks.

Hope semester 8 starts soon.


stinchan said...

pass also not happy...not pass also not happy. lol that day go see you to celebrate, you busy play phase-boob online

crz said...

jagermeister. that's good shit.


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