233# Polarization and Ethics Cleavages

233# Polarization and Ethics Cleavages

Some of you may think, why didn't i say a word or two about the tensions between a few of the politicans out there recently. Every single day there will be a different headline about the progress of the tension among them.

Honestly, i don't give a damn anymore. I have to admit that those unfairness that we need to endure are the price to pay in order to stay at the spot we are right now.

And about how immature our country is, well... We're at msia. This is msia. In fact we are moving further if we compare to countries at the SEA, excluding the Singapore.


Anyway, i deeply believe that, if there are no such thing as biased policies and the restrictions which constrain certain people from moving faster than the others, then we would be as developed as the lion land. Or maybe more.


I would go for the second one, initially. But when i think further, i would say i'm stucked in between the second and third one. For those who choosed the third one, those people are trying to comfort themselves by taking credit of the contrast from the other countries of the SEA. Yes, the word "relatively" right there...

Well, i don't think that would be great if we make any comparisons. The deal is not about how fast our pace is compared to the countries which are slow. The real deal is that how fast our pace is in order to provide a better life to the people in our country.

Does poverty been eliminated completely in our country? Nope. But the percentage is decreased. Nonetheless, the gap of financial status of some particular race is been increased.

Wonder if anyone out there remember a post i've written about my neighbour. Well, i complaint a lot about them, about how priah they are.

You would know if i never tell.. There are actually bunch of people out there typed the word which put down there race at blogger to search for bloggers who use the word to talk about them. And if you spare 30 seconds to check that out, you would get 2,543 posts which match that keyword.

And out of that 2,543 posts, there were few of them who reached my page, and counter attack my posts. Whatever, they were not walking in my shoes so they wouldn't know my reasons of typing posts regarding those issues.

Whatever man...

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