113# New old Abominations

113# New old Abominations

- i hate old ladies, as i mentioned. But i do with a reason.

- Everyday i read the newspapers, same topic is discussed again and again. AP, AP and AP... More APs topics...

- They can't hug each other, due to their religion's doctrince. But the mother of AP hugged the ex PM? WTH??

- Foreign tourists cancelled their trip to one of the state of Msia, which is not under the line of nation. The reason is pretty obvious. Who the Hell wants to travel in such a place where each of everything is so strictly under controlled? I think the authority there better separate the roads, houses, offices, shops, and everything according to genders.

- Geng Lepak sucks glue. Nothing else better to do. After glue they started to film blue. The more they wrapped themselves, the worse they are in fact. Piece of shits, better take a straight ride to Hell.

- Religous terrorist attacks stike the world again and again. Even a monk needs to wear in bulletproofed. Reason? They are kind in all aspects BUT they think they have the right to kill, show no mercy to those that against, do not believe in what they believe in.

- Hurricanes blew off cities. Flood covers almost everything in sight. Consequences from the act of human in destroying the ecosystem and earth.

- Artificial terrorist attacks, natural disasters, the fuckers are leading the world to and end.

- Mystery mails and CDs to the embassies. Ya right, but they did not blow somehow.

- Wawasan 2020? The country does not have such a long life to wait until the day.

- I'm using dial up and it takes me half an hour on trying to connect. TM net eat shit la...

- Conclusion :
Our country is getting worse and worse,
The world is going to kill us,
The earth is going to burst.

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