116# 2211

116# 2211


Yesterday chatted with Jin and Ken in the msn, and then with Henglin, Layhui, Yi Feng they all... Jin is in Sheffield, Ken is in King's London, Layhui is in LSE London, 3 London kaki... Yi Feng is in University of Applied Science, Germany if i'm not mistaken. Henglin is still teaching in his ex secondary school right?

Chatted about their studies, hours of classes they have weekly. That was something that i could not reach. At the beginning i posted "I want to study" for more than 10 times. I got nothing to say, i'm not studying now and i wish i am..
Really cannot guarantee the chances of me getting into IMU. My result sucks. And each intake there will be only 200 of students accepted. All these making me so nervous and tulan.

They encouraged me to study in Russia. It's a good idea too, can get experience of staying in overseas, i would like to give a try. But the public security and order at Russia for an oversea student over there might be out of our imagination.

My sister was told that someone got gang bang in Russia, a chinese guy i think. Man, this is making my future to be more difficult. And this is the reason that my dad wants me to study biotech for 3 years, reapply IMU with the degree if i got rejected by IMU.

Man, that will be the last resort if the condition reached at the worst. Reapply IMU using biotech's degree, i think rarely got people do such a thing right? Considering 3 years for biotech degree, 5 years of MBBS, 1 year of housemanship, 3 years of medical officer government service... 12 years in total before i could go for postgraduate master.

12 years! William's niece already finished her secondary school and working by that time... Too much of GP right now, therefore taking master and then further to specialist seems necessary now. By that time, i'll be damn old already wei...

Thinking of what should i do if i got rejected from IMU yesterday night before i slept. Really making my head to explode...

In the afternoon i cleaned my room. Nothing else better to do nowdays. Looked at both of my handphones on my desk. Thought no one is going to call me because friends are not around, those who are are studying for STPM...

Wanted to dismantle my wall fan to clean, and suddenly, my 012 phone rang. It was not from someone in my phonebook, i did not know who was that. Might be the kak from streamyx or wrong number call...

"Hello, is this Lau Chie Ming?"
"Ah yes.."
"I'm calling from IMU, your interview has been scheduled..."

OMG! So fast? My sister had just submit the form for me today, and 3pm the office called me.

My interview is scheduled at 22nd of November, tuesday. One month plus to go. I don't know whether this period is long for me or not. I think i must make use of this period to prepare 200% for the interview. My result is not going to back me up, so interview is my final chance to get me a place in the IMU...

Questions that they might ask:
1. Why medicine?
2. Why IMU...

I think so, because last time i peeped at Wei-Jin's manuscript thingy that he wrote when he was preparing for his university's application. I think answers for those two question are going to be in part of our talk indirectly too right?

" Pray hard Mike, you don't pray. But in this case must pray for the sake of your future."

God bless Mike, Good luck in 22nd of November.

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