115# To be me II

115# To be me II

After 18 months of having no one, i'm learning more and more. I realized that i tend to be more serious than before. Not saying that i was not serious with the previous person, but now just able to think further than last time.

Everyone judges a person by his/her appearance, indeed. We do not judge a book but it's cover, but we do judge a person from the outside. Unfortunately, everyone of us does. At least from the first time we meet someone, we will value a person from what we could see.

Somehow appearance does not mean everything. If a person looks good, has excellent academic achievements and everything looks cool enough, but wait. God is fair and no one is perfect. Therefore the person might have attitude problem that he/she hides well and no one will realize until the end of the day.

There's a chinese saying, "The longer the days, the more we can see from a person". So if we think that someone is really that good that we could imagine and go after him/her, end of the day we will see the problems. But actually, problems will arise too since no one is perfect as mentioned.

1.5 years in taylors college, a lot of people that i've met. And there are a few of them who are not that good in fact as i imagined. I did not know the real personalities of them until i know them for a certain period.

This girl looks really great for me, but not the greatest. I do not think that she is that beautiful, but the others think she is. So, i spent some time on figuring out this girl's personality.

In the beginning everything looked fine. But days after i started to realize some defects from her, that i'm not afford to endure. Let's make things straight. Person who is so demanding, lazy and naive is really not my cup of tea. Therefore that cancelled of my plan to go after her. Be just friend will be better than one step further. I think she is not reading this. It would not be a problem too if she does.

I got one friend that i really don't understand. Why he can just go after all girls in his school. He doesn't know what is relationship at all in fact. Take and throw, find a new one, that's all. He can just da pao each of them in his sight. I don't understand why there'll be so many people who are not serious and so immature in relationships.

"You think what? Girl are like magazines ar? New one in each month?"

Maybe i did a mistake last time. So i'm trying not to repeat it again, and thus being more conscious in this case. Too much of flaws in me also making things to be difficult. Whatever it is, i thank God for the suffering.

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