334# MG 102 - Unicorn Gundam

334# MG 102 - Unicorn Gundam

Ever since its release in Japan (19th December 2007) i had been waiting patiently to get my hands on this master grade model kit.

I managed to get it on last friday finally. Shipping delay.

Very reasonable price of RM175 since somewhere else is selling at RM218. I should call myself lucky because the shop owner brought in 48 boxes, all of them are booked. And one out of those 48 is mine.

Pity a guy who wanted to buy this. He wasn't a regular customer and he didn't book it, so he only get to see what's inside the box.

Forget about those which can transform from mobile suit to aeroplanes, this unicorn gundam would be the first and ever transformable mobile suit gundam. From unicorn mode into destroy mode.

In fact i had no interest towards this model because i mainly focused on the Cosmic Era instead of the Universal Centuries. But this model is so well designed until no one can resist it.

Being a simple mobile suit, but the number of parts is really freaking me out. About 19 frames and i really worked my soul out of for this. My fingers are crying in pain now.

I overestimated myself.

I thought this model was easy to assemble but apparently i was wrong.

Not only the pieces are really small, due to the transformation mechanism, this model is really complicated.

I faced a few difficulties during the assemble. And i have some problems with the shoulder armor. I can't fit them in place. Plus i'm uncertain of the transformation at the shoulder units.


Destroy mode leg at the left and unicorn mode at the right. Check the difference in the length.

First ever model which can grow in height. From the unicorn mode of 19m (19 cm in 1/100 scaled down master grade model) to the destroy mode of 21.7m, this model actually gorws.

I'm kind of afraid that the extension may weaken the joints, therefore i try not to touch it once i've done it.

Even the backpack can be transformed.

I really like the red glowing parts. It used the 'light concentrating element" of ABS plastic according to the official source. And i have no idea what do they mean by that.

Full armamnets.

Hyber bazooka, beam magnum, shield, 4 beam sabers and 2 backup magnum cartilage.

And the shield can transform too.

Unicorn mode.

After 2 days of hardwork, finally i have done assemble it.

As you can see above, the shoulder armors aren't well fixed. No matter how hard i try they still can't be in place. Therefore the red parts beneath them are revealed. This is no good.

Destroy mode.

It's simply unbelievable. From a plain white suit, it can be transformed into another mode with all the shiny red parts (aka psycho frame in the story) beneath it.

And it grows in height too.

Somehow, having such wonderful transformation, the only downside is the joint stability and its articulations.

I don't think that the parts are strong enough to withstand frequent transformation. But anyway, this isn't a toy but rather a decoration. Just don't touch it too often would be ok.

About its limited articulations, oh well, it looks cool already by just standing straight.

It is taller than the Hi Nu!

My tallest master grade model so far.

Rushing out now, may write in detail if i have time and connection soon.

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