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Finally... i get to update here.

I was having a hard time logging into blogger using the library's computers. After days of trying, now i've found one computer which can login.

Or was it because of firefox's problem? IE seems to be ok.

Again, another gunpla related post. 2 weeks ago me and my friend went to IKEA to get two glass cabinets (and a coffee table) which i wanted long time ago.

I could only buy these after i shifted, because my previous room was too small to accommodate them.

Click for full res.

I didn't plan to buy two of them but one instead last time. But i guess i don't have a choice because my collection grows faster than i thought.

And now i feel that two glass cabinets are not enough, i feel like having four of them.

MG Strike Freedom Gundam - Full Burst Mode version (wing mechanism's spoilt by a friend)

Of course i can't buy four at one shot. Two is enough for the moment i guess.

Since the spaces available is limited, it can't seem to fit all my collection into it.

There are still some of them left in the box or in the book shelf.

1 1/100, 4 HG 1/144, 1/144, 9 SDs, 3 Revoltechs...

18 items are not displayed in the cabinet, only 19 items are displayed.

MG Destiny Gundam - Extreme Blast Mode version

Space of each compartment is kind of restricted too if a model has a big wing or backpack. I can't fit the Wings of Light of this Destiny Gundam and i have to kept them in the box and display it without it.

Once if i spread their wings open, each compartment can only able to fit one at a time...

MG Unicorn Gundam and MG Hi Nu Gundam

The Hi Nu's stand is broken, thanks to the same friend who broke my Strike Freedom. Therefore i had to buy another stand for it. This friend is smart where he broke both of my most expensive master grades and he never pay me back. He still owe me RM505.

Unicorn Gundam was quit disappointing because of its limited articulation. That isn't a big problem to me, but the biggest problem is the shoulder armor - i can't seem to fix them tightly. Still waiting for help from those who have bought one, if there's any.

MG Strike Noir Gundam and MG Strike Gundam + I.W.S.P. unit.

The GAT 105 frames share nearly the same frame but they are entire different with the armors and weapons. Noir is good in air poses but the I.W.S.P unit at Strike is a big pain in the ass.

The weight of it will pull Strike's waist down. It can't seem to stand by its own and a stand is required for it. it comes with normal stand but it would break its back armor, so i had to buy another stand for it.

MG Freedom

I didn't plan to buy this master grade until another friend of mine bought it, and i bought it too together with him.

It looks better than its previous release in the format of HG and 1/100. The wings are so massive until i have to put it sideways so that it could be fitted into the compartment.

1/100 Gundam Exia and 1/100 Gundam Dynames

Still waiting for the Gundam Kyrios and Gundam Virtue, then my 1/100 line up for Celestial Being mobile suits will be complete (ignoring the thrones).

They are very well done being a 1/100 scale model. Their details and articulations are even better than early master grade models. The only downside is their joint stability, they are not tight enough and may lose after a period of time like those other 1/100 scale models.

1/100 Legend Gundam and 1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame.

I didn't display the Blue Frame Second L because its joints are so loosen until it can't make a good pose. I'll only repair it when i free and if i'm capable too.

Red Frame's left hand and its rifle are broken, said case.

The Legend Gundam is pretty much cool being a 1/100 scale model because of its details. But too bad it can't be placed on higher compartments with the Destiny Gundam or Strike Freedom Gundam due to limited space.


Mass Production eva, the limited version was well kept in the box as well as the newest eva 03 that i bought on October of last year. Didn't bother to take them out to display and just let them be in it, would be better in such a way.

The rest are displayed after being kept in the boxes for months. But 3 more boxes are in the book shelf and not displayed though.

So this is basically what i have collected so far (as well as those other 18 items which are not displayed) since August of 2006 until now. I didn't expect to go until this far and i guess it's very hard to stop once you started.

If i don't write about Gunpla, i wouldn't know that there are than a few of them who collect too in my batch...

Hey, let's collect more gunpla. Stop clubbing then you'll have the money.

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