210# The Methodology of Cortisol Supression

210# The Methodology of Cortisol Supression

Chaper Number One - Bowling

To be true, i suck in all kind of sports. Please do not get cheated by my height - I can't play basketball.

Reasons? Racist secondary school didn't give us the chances to play basketball, no court. And there is no basketcourt around my area. There were number of private basket nets placed at batminton courts. But all of those ended of with the same ending - Vandalised by the kelings.

I don't think i'd have such stamina to be involved in energy-taking sports. Non energy consuming sports like snooker and bowling will do fine for me. But i didn't play neither as my friends played when we went to Sunway.

Finally i tried the first time in my life time to play bowling. No lectures on Friday, so Thursday after lectures, relaxation was a must. Standing in between the line of going to play DoTA or bowling, we ended up playing bowling in Endah Parade. Because we had only 4 of us, not enought people to play DoTA.

It seemed easy to do, but when i tried to carry, transfer the momentum onto the ball and throw, it was incrediblely hard. I'm quite surprised to one of my friend's striking style. Where he carries, slides, throws, and the ending pose of his right hand poses up like Jay Chou.

Though the posture seems sort of like "too much", but he could strike and score damn bloody high!

I threw twice into the drain for the first and second time. But the third time, i managed to hit the pins, and that was a strike! Walao, first time hit the pin also can strike already, damn proud.

The first game i scored for 76 points, second game 91 points. Were those figures good enough for a first timer? I hope so.

During that night, my thumb was fatigue, Yes, muscle fatigue. My back ache, and also the left scapula region. Reason? Wrong posture.

I think i started to have the interest in bowling since that. Let's go again wei.

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