208# The Day after Yesterday

208# The Day after Yesterday

Everyone was so tensed up after the 10am lecture. Rushed to the Student Affairs Department to get the white little envelope, which had high potential to kill.

At least we weren't being that kiasu. We took our results, and wait for the others before we opened it.

"Alright...Get set. 1, 2, and go...!"

Tear off the edge of the envelope, and flipped out the hidden alphabet within.

What i saw in the letter wasn't a surprised. I already predicted my failure of my first summative assessment. I failed with a very flying colour.

A, A-, B+, B are what we needed to see in the envelope. Below it are fails... B-, C+, C, C-, D+... So. I got "C" for it. There's such a big gap from the passing grade.

Being one of the 65 over 216 who failed. There were still number of them who passed gracefully though. Even though i tried to calm myself down, i still couldn't get away with it. I was so damn fucking failed. Anyway, i tried my best to distract my negative thoughts by focusing for my patient interview which i'd need to do later on.

Tall guys looked so weird with lab coats. I don't really like it. And the whole Clinical Skill Unit was so pack, and so stuffy. I dislike to wait, because i didn't want to be nervous for so long. Therefore i had the interview first among my group.

I was so lucky to have such a kind Simulated Patient. It was just knee pain, which spreaded to the ankle. I did 2 mistakes, i failed to clarify and failed to summarize. Anyway, the SP didn't fill in anything in the comment box. That was the only lucky thing happened during the morning.

The whole interview process was recorded in a DVDRW, which we needed to buy it ourselves. I just played it in the PS2, and decoded in the PC. I felt i was so dumb in front of a video camera. What a stick, long and stiff man.

After the interview, one hour lecture again. I wasn't feeling well after the lecture. Having 4,5 hours of sleep everyday is really turning my mood off. Went to Sunway Pyramid with friends to relieve ourselves.

Before i could get into my car, someone saw me and called me. My friend's car was parked beside mine, and his car tyre was punctured. Because i've help my friend to change once in front of the university, and someone in the batch got sort of like "promoting" my special skill, so i was called to help out. Damn, "Mike the Mechanic", "Initial D the Mechanic".

The rain was so feline and barked like in judgement day. The damn highway flooded. 3 cars, i was at the last. The water splash was sight-blocking. And the second car failed to brake on time, crushed to the first car. First car's spare tyre on the back was proctective, but second car's bonnet gone. Literally, spoilt but repairable. But the fan of intercooler was really gone. Must be somewhere on the road...

I managed to brake on time, although my car dragged for 2 seconds after braking due to the slippery road condition. And my car's front bumper stopped a few milimeters in front of the second car. Breath-taking. My adrenaline pumped until so high to react to the condition. And that was the very first time i felt so shocked.

Survived reaching Sunway Pyramid. 4 of them were playing snooker, not my type of thing. And we started to talk about summative paper. No more mood in the end, and just ended the damn game. Went for bowling, at least they were playing without talking about the paper.

Went Kim Gary to have dinner. And these 4 guys, excluding me, started to talk about girls. I was dragged into the topic after that. After dinner, went to U bar to continue the previous topic. And the topic was slowly turned into some sexual topic. Narrated by this horny motherfucker, talking about how he cheated small girls in his budget hotel. What the heck wei.

That was the first time i tasted liqour. I wasn't supposed to drink it. But the damned waitress poured in the drink for me as well from the jug. I didn't really like it, and i poured to my friend's cup. Just drink a little bit for fun.

They all started to gay each other. Touching here, and there, and everywhere. When the waitress came near, she got blasted away because our table was only for gays. Oh shit, future doctors... I wasn't involved in the gay-ing part. Just being the director for the cell phone camera.

The alcohol in my blood made me feel hot, like having fever. And it inhibits the secretion of Antidiuretic Hormone, caused the collecting duct to be less permable to water. In the end, we all went to toilet to release the hydrostatic pressure in our bladders.

That horny ass was really drunk. Face and neck was so damn red, and that was so embrassing.

Not being able to pass the exam has already proved that i need to spend more and more efforts for studying. Summative Assessment 2 on 16th June, and finals on 2nd, 3rd July. Just going to do well and continue my time in the university until i could graduate. I'm not afford to fail anymore. Not anymore...

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