243# -wtf

243# -wtf

Screen names.

Name: Excalipoor, mammypoko
Taken from: The weakest weapon with damage level of 1 from the game Final Fantasy, and the branded napkin.
Slogan: Koko krunch, you're my honey star.

Name: Kelf, dK
Taken from: His name, and after watchin Tokyo Drift.
Slogan: Ciao

Name: TKS, superman.
Take from: His initials, and after acting for the M206 variety night as a superman.
Slogan: Superman comes to save the day

Name: Anti-Kelf, Yovahn loves Anu, anything.
Taken from: Anything which turn him on.
Slogan: Love is sacrifice

Name: Windwalker
Taken from: Most probably the ability of a hero who able to windwalk.
Slogan: what if your luck falls on the left extremities of the normal distribution

Name: Monkey lover
Take from: He loves monkey
Slogan: i love you ah

(Left) Name: KS king
Taken from: Being humble to kill steal.
Slogan: Don't want la. I don't want to play already.

(Right) Name: P.Kumar, N.Kumar, Kumarism, Kumars, Kumar Returns, Kumarised
Taken from: Inspired by the names of the lecturers from imu.
Slogan: I pwn you ah.

Name: Babylon Whore
Take from: A song titled "Mannequin" by CoF.
Slogan: Huh? what?

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