241# Helmet in the Bush

241# Helmet in the Bush

Everybody knows size does matter. That's why people always look for a bigger car and a bigger house. Semi D, MPV, SUV, MyVi, extra large chapatti...

Somehow some things are better to be smaller in size. For example, a cell phone. But one weird thing is that Nokia phones are experiencing hypertrophy where all the N series are getting bigger and bigger.

And at the same time, anorexic Samsung phones try to put down weight with their ultra slim series.

Anyway, size matters.

Kenny sia had one msn conversation about his size of his dicky with a girl. He sounded damn cool where the size of his dicky was so damn big la. Ancient the god of priapism.

Talk about this... Let's take a look what i found from imu.

Notice to all students, warning - Flasher in imu.

"A student has reported a flasher in the Bukit jalil campus vicinity purportedly asking for directions.

A young Chinese male in his mid 20's with glasses, driving a light purple Kancil WHC 5568.

Please be alert. You may call the police directly at 03-21159999 during non working hours."

Dude, how about working hours? Who to call?

Just wondering how does a flasher look like? A perverted face person dressed with only a coat? Well, Jin did a very good job in imitating a flasher with his lab coat back to taylor's time. According to what i saw from him, i can barely imagine what is a flasher.

I got this female friend who have seen a flasher before. Unlike what you could think of, where a perverted person open and close his coat in front of people. What my friend saw was a little bit different.

She passed by a car, and this guy in the car called her. She approached the car and saw the guy was doing something with his little tiny, barely visible second hand-brake in the car. And say something very dirty to my friend.

I think that was a side effect from drinking too much of coffee with synthesized tongkat ali.

Screw Ali cafe ok?

Go Zh'ng his hand brake damn it!

Something besides this. Well, guys in imu are always under estimated. Not only the people think that the others damn stupid, but actually there are people think that imu guys' sticks are very short.

I don't think so lo!

Our aim is to be a good doctor. But at the same time, we got to aim something too!

"It's shorter than you think"

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