246# 1707FP

246# 1707FP

Nowadays when one considers to buy a computer or related products, online purchase would be cheaper than buying from any retails.

This is because the products are sold directly from the company to the customers, instead of the old school way where the products go through the dealers and retails.

In the end the buyer actually can purchase a particular product at a relatively lower price.

I just got my Dell 17 inch display this evening. I purchased it online on the 22nd, where the promotion ended on the 23rd.

Only the speakers remained unchanged for the past 8years.

RM799 for the square thingy including the 5 years warranty. That's long. And i have no idea what the heck is the online cash redemption actually.

I'm kind of satisfied for their service, where my purchased product reached at my doorstep 5 days after my purchase, regardless the public holidays.

Who doesn't like slim stuffs?

Actually i could just get some other monitor of other brands out there. From some sources i heard that Samsung's 17 inch costs around RM600+, and the Acer that i saw was RM599.

More space on the table for writing PBLs.

So why did i spent extra for Dell? Well, i guess the 5 freaking years of guarantee. Therefore if the display has any problem, dell would be dead then.

And since the online offer for this display ended on 23rd, i search through the page again just to see what the price is after the promo.


God damn it. See that price or not? I can't think of any nicer words to curse with. I actually just wasted RM150.

The instant cash redemption for the one i purchased was RM300, but now according to the offer of the identical product, the instant cash redemption raised up to RM450, and the price of it dropped from the previous RM799 to RM649.

By the way, the limit of warranty is not mentioned, though.



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