247# Crimsons of the eclipsed

247# Crimsons of the eclipsed

I started to hate when the lecturers in IMU started not going out handout for the presentations.

What we need to do is to get those slides from the univerisity's server, and print them overselves. And the worst thing is A4 papers are not provided by the university.

Therefore if we want to print out the handouts and notes from the computers at the com labs, we got to make sure that we have a whole stack of plain A4 papers.

Now i wonder what the heck we are paying 24k every 6 months for. Why can't they just take 0.0001% from the semester fees we paid as the fee for the A4 papers.

Anyway, studying through notes is a must. This is how we get to know what other 90% of the stuffs that we need to study besides from the notes.

I notice that there are quite a lot of them use more than one highlighter for the notes. And i think that that is how they got everything digested into their minds.

Note of a typical female scorer. Miss pooh.
5 different colors of highlighters. Yellow, light blue, green, pink and orange.
4 different colors of pens. Purple, pink, dark blue and light blue.

Seriously i don't know how their brains react to so many colors. Each of everyone of us has different preference, i understand that.

But i don't freaking understand why some people just can score like Hell without showing the trace that they read through their notes lar!!

Note of a not-so-typical male scorer.
Stationary used: Black ink pen borrowed from the person sat left to him.

Some people think that highlighting notes aggressively is an insane act. Instead of highlighting words to words in the notes until the whole paper gone yellow, or what so ever...

Why don't just dip the whole paper into the highlighter's flourenscence fluid?

Save the hassles.

Note of an average, borderline student.

I realise that i did highlight a lot and write down notes during the lectures before the first summative assessment. Or more accurately, i didn't bother much about reading the notes after the exam.

That's not a good sign.

I had been too chilled out since the exam finished. Sleep during the lecture, not listening during the lecture, play cell phone games during the lecture, draw porn cats during the lecture, gossip during the lecture...

Now the final motivation has come, to push me back to studies.

Today, eventually we got our first summative results. The result that i think which will push me back to studies.

Now i think i retrieved the mood. There's no room of improvement for the first summative. Therefore i need to push it harder as to maintain it.

Thank God.

Vinder Fra En Ensom Grav.

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