248# Vision for the 200200

248# Vision for the 200200

3 years ago, year 2003.

We all were still hanging around in our secondary schools. I was still being an immature student who liked to challenge the rules of the retarded school.

The game The King of Fighters was launched during end of the year. And i used to love it so much.

Ash Crimson, one of my favourite character.

And during year 2003 was the time we sat for our SPM too.

I don't feel bad that i scored B4 for my moral and malaysian history. Those two papers are meant to be failed anyway. Think Malaysia's history is great huh? What we studied were just Islamic histories instead of Malaysian's ones.

And moral? Subject which offended the first of the 9 satanic sins - Stupidity. We were asked to "memorize" moral values instead of practising it.

Year 2003, Dr. M came out with an idea of conducting maths and science subjects in English after watching the children of Malaysia being so outdated.

And undoubtedly, there were lots of them who wanted to protect their mother language stood up and disagree the proposal.

Regardless the critics and opinion given by all of the parties, the plan was carried on.

By the time the students study those subjects in English, we were already studying in colleges. And i was stuggling with the sudden change of language in the college.

I was used to study in the environment of the priah malay secondary school. Once i stepped into the private college where all the upper classes gather, i faced lots of social pressure.

Wished i have studied english before. I basically catch no ball on what the teachers taught during the first half of the year during my A levels.

See, english is so important. And i really mean it. I wished i was studying in a english speaking secondary school instead of the priah gangster school.

Now, year 2006. Some of the people out there already know that... They wanted maths and science to be taught in malay once again!

My first impression after i learnt that was, -wtf la. Serious.

The fella from Johor's UMNO party was not happy to the fact that the mother language of the country (i'd say of their people) is marginised.

The usage of the language is no longer popular since the day english and mandarin took over especially the business field.

Anyway, the proposal will be discussed and everything will be determined 2 years later, 2008.

I'm kind of agree with Mr. N where if a person can't master (speak) english, he could only become a kampung hero only, forever.

In an age of globalisation where english is the main language (not used by most of the people, though) used over the world, some of them still want to neglect the importance of it for the sake of the language which has only historical and racial significance.

Come think of it. English and that language has no difference. They just take those words from english and modified them into theirs.


Toll - tol
Computer - Komputer
Coffee - Kopi
Pencil - Pensel
Radio - Radio
Touch N Go -Sentuh dan Jalan!

The only word which is taken by the english is... oh well. Orang Utan. That's it.

Some say 18.9% of the words are taken from English. But in fact, it is 45%. Serious! I'm serious ok!

Wawasan 2020 is unattainable if such condition continues. Well, let's wait for 3030 or 200200.

"Den Gjemte Sannhets Hersker"

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