249# Place where we will be

249# Place where we will be

I've switched to beta.blogger.

Internal clock was disorganised drastically these few days.

No lecture during this week. But instead i had to attend for the meaningless pharmacology lab practical and two days of hospital visits.

Not to forget, and also the frustrating CPR practical exam. Which always held during the weekends where people wanted to rest or study at home.

Nursing week was seriously tiring. I broke a few records during these few days.

I woke up at 4am for the sake of hospital visit. I do not recall i woke up that early before.

I got myself prepared at 4am and drove to imu at 5am something in the morning.

That was the first time i drove at kesas such early in the morning. No cars around. I sped and almost fall asleep.

We took the bus from imu bukit jalil campus to imu seremban campus. Then walk to Hospital tuanku ja'afar. That's the place where some of us going to be during our clinical year.

My group was arranged for the male surgical ward. Unlike the rest of the people, we weren't allowed to walk around the hospital.

Those fellas were lucky. They managed to get into the mortuary. And there was a male who died of myocardial infacrtion 5am in the morning.

And they got to see how the body was dissected. Man, hoped i was there for the necropsy.

For the first time i got blood all over my body. A patient's blood was coagulated inside the syringe. When it was pushed out forcefully, the syringe busted.

I felt the sudden high.

Considering the chances of nasocromial infection, we forced to take off our lab coats which was spilled with gangrene suspected blood. Without the lab coat, which implies the authority to walk into wards, we lost the chance to visit the other wards.

And one of my friend got conjunctivitis after the hospital visit.

Good bless her.

PS: Go watch Death Note the movie. It's super great.

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