251# They rule

251# They rule

Last tuesday me and my batchmates went for Pizza Hut at Sri Petaling, due to the result of betting or something between tucky and wennie...

To find a parking at Sri Petaling is totally a pain in the ass. Not only the reckless drivers who park their vehicles beside the road are blocking, you would be stucked by fellas in front of you who drive at 10km/h to look for parking space.

Basically you'll need to make more than 2 rounds around Point Extreme cyber cafe, the semi habitat of imu gamers in order to get a parking.

If eating lunch at Alison, parking would not be a problem. There is actually a parking ground somewhere at the back there. But only cars like tanker can make it - the road condition there will kill your car's suspension.

Alright, back to business.

So we went to Pizza Hut. And i turn around the shops to look for parking. In the end i got one, but it wasn't look like a legal parking space. There was no yellow line showing it's a space to park or something.

We went in the restaurant. And waited for the rest to come, who followed a second car. I was kind of hungry and blaming them for not having skills in looking for parking. But i wasn't blaming in a very bad way la. Just joked that they sucked.

And then... the fella who had no skill in parking actually came and saved me.

He saw MP fellas were writing papers in front of the cars.

Quickly i ran to my car. No paper detected on my windscreen. Luckily i was on time.

And i forced to park my car 300+ meters away from the restaurant, and walk back under the burning sun.

However, it was still better than paying for the summons.

While me and the fella who saved me from summoned walked back to the restaurant, we saw the MP officers were writing summons for the cars which parked outside the parking spaces.

Being typical Msians, people would just simply stop their car and get off for their own business. They don't really care nor give a shit.

Something out topic.

Remember once there was this car stopped in front of imu. The cars at the back stopped as well. And the mother-never-teach-mia-asshole just walked out from the car to buy stuff at the roadside.

The cars at the back, all forced to cut out. And of cause, with that kind of "wtf" face which everybody would give.

And the mother-never-teach-mia-asshole stared at the cars at his back like a gangster, showing face like "now-what-what's-your-problem" face and walked to do his stuff.

That was no cool. No cool. This kind of mother-never-teach-mia-asshole should have just burn in Hell.

Who is the one ruling now? Those mother-never-teach-mia-assholes or the officers?

Basically it doesn't make a different for me. Both also... oh well, same same la.

Anyway, the pizza lunch set rules.

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