252# Rearranged

252# Rearranged

It is not a good time to write and post during now of these days. Right, i shall put the blame on the rain again.

Not only the rainy days kill of the feelings to write, it also make connection to the internet difficult. Lightnings might harm my modem and my desktop.

Therefore i stopped writing for nearly 2 weeks.

Cardiovascular system has begun. Books, and more books are needed. When i looked at my book shelves, i felt kind of sad. Because there were no space at all for my medicine book and pathology books.

I simply throw those books on the floor, or just leave them on my table.

Instead, the not-so-useful encyclopedia were placed in the shelves securely. And even the comic books deserved the shelves more than my text books.

The not-so-useful encyclopedia.

Why bother about the encyclopedia? Well, i think wikipedia is more efficient in terms of looking for information.

Is a pain in the ass to look for a data through the encyclopedia.

Firstly, need to check the micropedia first according to the initial alphabet of desired word. Once the book is found, take out the 1.0kg book from the shelf and start flipping.

Secondly, read from line to line to search for the information. And then the data will show more elaborations at the marcopedia.

Thirdly, put back the micropedia back to shelf, and search for from the marcopedia for further information.

Fourthly, repeat the second step.

Damn, screw it.

For the wikipedia method... Firstly, call the sister who is using the computer to get lost.

Secondly, open mozilla firefox and enter the word at the right hand side key bar with wiki tab.

Thirdly, wait for 3 seconds. Then the data is showed. Further elaborations and links are also shown.

That will make my life easier.

Therefore i spent nearly 3 hours to arrange my shelves and my files.

The last time i did was to throw away my SPM papers. Now this time i removed my A levels files and arrange them in a box, and kept them in the second store room.

Next, removed the encyclopedia books which weight nearly half of mine from my shelf to the shelf outside my room.

Chuck in my textbooks and comic books into the shelf.

And the whole freaking process took me nearly 3 hours.

Now my lecture notes, pbl notes and text books are not lying on the floor. And the comic books
are moved too...

Actually it does make any visible differences. My room still looked messy as usual. Can fight with yee pei ones still. I think hers can't fight mine though.

The comic magazines are dominating!

And i checked at the total thickness of the weekly comic magazines that i've bought since i was 12 until now. Approximately 2.82m. That's about one floor high. And it just the magazines, without counting the books. One magazine's thickness is about 5mm. You do the math.

Alright, it will be more comfortable for me to look for notes and reaching the books. One nicer thing is, i threw thrash, papers, unwanted gifts which weighted more than 5kgs.

I feel relieved.

Wei Jin knows where i keep "some stuff". But no one knows where do i keep my Death Note.

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