256# Biblical choirs beyond veiled light

256# Biblical choirs beyond veiled light

Since when the christmas became a general festival to be celebrated by everybody?

What i couild see is that it is a great opportunity for the businessmen to dig for cash from the people out there.

By the way, it is kind of pointless to stick one's butt during the christmas eve.

I went out, with my sisters to a lounge. Expected to feel some christmas eve atmosphere out there.

There are plenty of lounges around my area. Among those places, i found out that Halo cafe is a place which is not worth to go to.

There were no famous singers nor anything happening going on over there, but an RM10 entrance fee excluding food and drinks are needed for each head.


I'd pay that RM10, or even more, if there were any local/overseas singers sing a song or two over there. But heck, just to feel the table and chairs over there required RM10 for each person?

Fark that shyt. I'd use that RM10 for 7 cups of iced-tea.

We left, and we went to the other lounge.

Personally i dislike that lounge which we went in. I've been there and the food, drinks are not that nice. About the singers over there... Still worth to pay attention too, though.

Even though Halo Cafe charges Rm10 per head, but the place was still packed. And this particular lounge didn't charge any bull shyt entrance fee, it was still flooded by people.

Could see some funny heads with red hats blinked with red LEDs walking around the lounge and serve the people. That was expected from place to place...

They have this not-so-well decorated christmas tree beside the stage, where placed near to the table i was. I could already tell that the tree was actually one of those i've seen selling at the malls.

And the 5 pieces Pearl drum set left a side was kind of pathetic. I've not seen the drums being played at all.

What people usually do is just order a few drinks and snacks, and listen to the live performances until as late as possible. That was what i planned to do too.

I went there around 10.30pm, and i thought of staying until the countdown.

But i just couldn't.

There were a few motherfarkers smoking in the non smoking area.

That made me started thinking, where were their mothers...? Haven't they being taught that they should not light a cigarette at the non smoking area?

And if they really wanted to do so, they should have taken the tables at the smoking area out there.

The singer started to lost his tolerance. After a song being played, he stopped the guitar and adviced the people not to smoke in the non smoking area, as he is incapable to withstand the irritation of the smoke due to his asthmatic condition.

And those motherfarkers just did not get what he said.

Of course, he couldn't just bust those idiots. And he had to cough and sing at the same time.

11.37pm, i lost my patience and left the place, with paying RM40 for the smoke.

It would be nice to stay there for the countdown if those motherfarkers never existed, or have ran over by trucks before they could set their asses there in the lounge.

I don't know whether the singer could keep on singing or not after i left, but i hope he could do so.

The smoke trapped in the air-condition area from more than 5 smokers is more than enough to trigger a bronchial spasm. If you were there and sensitive enough, you would need to rush to the nearest clinic around there for a dos of gas from the nebulizer.

Those motherfarkers just killed off my festival mood. Hope they could just die of smoking related diseases straight away.

Why do doctors bother of treating patients with smoking related diseases? They are just looking for trouble... I know i shouldn't think of that way, but... Smoking is a damn wrong farking thing to do.

Hope smokers can just try to put down the cigarette they smoke per day. And please, try not to smoke at public or non smoking area... You die, your problem. Please don't trouble the others, and the environment.

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