254# Heat Drive

254# Heat Drive

Someone said that i drive very slow.

Yes, i do admit that i'm a slow driver. Slow as in, i don't speed.

Even though the long stretches at the KESAS always tempt people to hit on the accelerator, but i rarely do so.

So far i had only drive fast for twice. At the first time i sped up to 130km/h ahead to the hospital when i was having acute gastritis.

Although there are doctors and nurses everywhere in the Imu, but heck, i don't think they have proton inhibitors for me to inject into my veins right?

The second time i sped was when i was rushing back home from Imu because had to go out with my family. I was with 120km/h.

Now you're laughing at me.

The fastest i've ever driven was only 130km/h. I bet you have tried at least 150km/h, or even more.

You might think that you could speed with your SLK up to 150km/h, and why can't i do so. Heck, before you think that i'm a turtle, just consider what kind of car i'm driving now.

And the SLK i meant is Small Little Kancil alright.

I maintain at 100km/h at Kesas highway through out the 35 minutes drive, mostly.

FYI, i'm not driving a sedan and neither a modified wira, nor a waja converted to Evo.

But i'd convert an Evo 9 to Proton Waja when i got rich later on.

Sedan may appear a nicer car to drive with. But a 4WD is the other way round.

I think ah. I think la. A 4WD has a higher torque while the house power is lower. And reversely, a sedan has a higher house power but relatively lower torque.

Therefore, as a trade off, a 4WD would have a lower top speed, but a higher capacity for loads. And thus... a 4WD might not achieve a top speed where an SLK could.

I mean, a not-so-high-class 4WD, instead of the Mitshubishi Triton, Toyota Fortuner, or what-so-ever.

What's the point of driving fast? Don't you know that the maximum efficiency and fuel economy is achieved when a car is moving at 80 to 90km/h? So why speed? That'll burn more fuel!

If you're at my back with 160km/h while i'm with 100km/h, i don't think you would like to bang my back. Your car's intercooler would be dead then. While my car's rear bumper for towing would have a little bit scratch.

I feel so sorry for that Nissan Sentra fella who kissed on it.

The reason why am i typing so much of non sense is that, i got annoyed by a girl who said that i drive very slow.

She meant, i drive so motherfucking slow.

Bitch, come on. That time when u saw me, i was heading to the toll. Is there any reason to accelerate since you are going to stop for the toll?

And once i came out from the toll, i need around 20 seconds, or even more, to gain back the momentum and travel back to 100km/h. That's why, i was slow.

And you fucking gilded cunt were trying to compare my car with a Volvo S40 where you were in with your dad on the wheels.

What kind of comparison is that? Of fucking course a Volvo can drive faster than my car. Besides, the comparison isn't honourable for a Volvo.

You are filthy rich with a father to afford a Volvo, but i'm not. I'm happy with my car now. You fucking gilded cunt.

Wait until i have my R34, Tucky drives his M5 and Darren drives his Gundam, then we'll crush your Volvo.

Pardon me for my profanities. I'm just stressed, and bored.

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