213# Depressant

213# Depressant

I do not blame anything or anyone without any reason. I need to clarity something;

It so happens that all of the uncivilised people of that particular race is gathered in this particular area. Therefore i named this area as a Kling area.

It all happened with a reason. And i'd like to voice it out. The government. All of these are caused directly and indirectly by the government.

I'm not trying to blame the government for all the shits happened around. Just trying to give my personal opinion on how actually the policy applied by the government give rise to all of the problems.

The protected ones gets all of the privileges. The rest who are not, they're going to work hard in order to survive in the country. And the most dedicated ones managed to live with the life style they wanted, the heavy prices to pay - Physically and mentally. And those who are not able to balance themselves compared to those who are fully supported by the government, they are all left behind.

The price of houses increase exponentially with respect to time. And the prices of the houses in this particular area go reversed with a geometrical progression since the middle and late 90's.

All the crimes which they have commited. 6 families which i know had moved out. A friend of mine got chopped on his face. Few of hands got chopped for the sake of bracelets. More than a few houses got broke into. KFC and 711 always got customers with parangs. Pizza hut riders got robbed until they blacklisted the area... My neighbour's wine, XO, VSOP collections got 'sapu'-ed... And the damned list go on and on...

It's not adviced to step into this area, especially at night. Really. Even me myself do not dare to go out until late night. I'm so constrained by all these criminals around.

You might ask me, why don't i just get my butt out of there? Well, it's just too easy to say, but so hard to do.

P/S : I actually typed a lot just now. But accidentally i made the box gone blank... Typed for 40 minutes leh damn it...!

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