212# About my area, Part III

212# About my area, Part III

I damn hate my priah kling neighbour who smokes everyday in front of my house. 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Sitting there and smoke for almost 4 hours everyday, without failing.

My friend talked to him, and said,

He : Oii ah pek, you hisap cerut ciplak cam ni mana ada shok punya?
Priah: Ini baru baik ah. You orang punya tarak baik.
He : Ini Dunhill baru syok la, you punya apa?
Priah: Ku punya cerut baik la, chek.

In fact, that kling ass's cigar costs less than 20 cents. It's a very cheap Hell kind of cigar, which has a very high potential to kill. And that ass hole doesn't even smoke in the smoke, just hold in mouth and blow it out.

He is definitely a maniac. Seriously he is not normal. Something is wrong with him. He told my friend that he got lots of business to do. Got gloves factory at Perak, and have to go there to patrol the next day. Fuck la. He is still sucking his low cheap class cigar there on the next day.

Damn jobless and seemed homeless kling. But actually he has a family. And this is how he is going to spend his time after he "retired". Which is smoking cigar everyday in front of my house and dream of his gloves factory in Perak.

It doesn't matter that there's an idiot smokes in front of my house. My area is full of fucking klings, so i can't bother much. The thing is that the god damned cigar smoke is blew into my house by the strong wind from the field. And the air in my house is totally contaminated by this piece of shit! Can't even breathe some fresh oxygen when i'm at home.

Fucking smoking there everyday.

Imagine how long he spend there and smoke everyday. And how long i need to suffer, how much of patience i need to endure all these. My dad has been warned him not to do that in front of my house. But soon after he came back again. Damn it, i feel like dissecting is piece of shit.

Slit his throat, stuff his filthy mouth with dirt. Slice his abdomen and take out his intestine. Hang him up with that and let him suffer to death.

Seriously, i can't take this anymore. My taman has been infested by these kind of people since few years ago. This causes more and more people who are not the same kind with them to move out before they become their victims.

I don't really mind that i'm staying at such a small house. But i do mind that i'm staying in such insecure area with all the naturally born criminals neighbourhood.

My friend doesn't believe that i'm staying in such poor area and a house which is smaller than his house's living room. I think even his kitchen is bigger than my whole house.

Well, anyway... I can't take this anymore. I want to move out from this taman. I hate all those kling neighbours.

Want to know why there's no pizza hut, dominos deliveries to my area? Because for more than a few times the riders got robbed by those ass holes. Take the pizza, take the cash, take the bike. And the riders walked back to the restaurant in the end, with screwed up mind and screwed up injuries. Therefore, pizza hut blacklisted this area...

Yes, a blacklisted area. Blacklisted, as in literally "black" listed.

Hope God "blacks" you all, idiots.

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