216# Quotas

216# Quotas

Statistical result of applications of STPM graduates to local university is showed in the press today. I'm not sure whether the chances of each of them is equal or not. But most probably it is. (of count:4)

62%, 32% and 6% of applications for Malay, Chinese, and Indian respectively. Kind of equally spreaded, by considering the number of them who made up the total request.

Among one of the races above, 76% of one of the race are accepted. I studied how scientists lie in scientific researches by statistic results. So i came out with a conclusion;

"There are 24% of them who got rejected"

Means 24% of the people need to appeal for the application, or go to private institutes, or stop their life as a student and begin to work. I got one friend needs to appeal, and another one forced to go UTAR.

Not all of the people can afford self-sponsored studies. Considering a 5 year medical degree in IMU, and all the expenses, 400k is a must. But if one can make it into UM, amount of money he is paying is most probably less than 10% of the amount mentioned.

Therefore i'm kind of proud of my friends who can make it into the government universities. It's not that easy to get in.

90% of academic achievements and 10% of co-curriculum is judged upon application. Means study nerd can't get in even though he does well in studies. Must play dota sports too.

When i found out that the result is out, i sms-ed a few of my friends this morning. Few of them got in UUM, Universiti Utada Utara Malaysia for finance (Damn, seriously got Utada's addiction, typed wrongly). One got in UPM (I don't know what's the P stands for) for management and human resources...

I got a call from this guy...

Monster: Hey mike.

Me: Wassup man, how's everything?

Monster: I got in UMS.

Me: Universiti Sains Malaysia?

Monster: No, is University Malaya Sabah.

Me: Huh? Diu...!

Monster: Diu, huh? Haha...

Me: Diu lo! So far!

Monster: Neh mind la. Got in Mechanical Eng.

Me: Wow great. Is it your first choice?

Monster: Nope. Second.

Well, not too bad. By considering his first choice for chemical engineering has a very high demand. This friend of mine since secondary school is the smartest guy i ever met. And too bad he's leaving on 1st of July for Sabah.

Another one, i was a little bit off when i asked about this guy from my friend.

Me: Hey, apa macam?

Aslyn: I enter kedah, uum, study finance.

Me: Ok. not bad. Any news about CY? I damn tulan him d lazy to ask him.

Aslyn: dun b like tat la! CY oso enter ukm, uni kebangsaan msia at bangi, he study sains n nuklear! i'm not so sure bout he result oh!

Me: Wer's bangi? he got b+ b b- c+. And fuck kao me said y my results bbcc also can enter imu. Mahai tot Alevels easy ah, social pressure sial. If he took den only he know. Diu think i pay 300+k for shit ah. If i wanna rely the cibai gahemn den i go F6 la. But i cant bcuz sure i cant enter gahmen uni one.

Aslyn: ai,nvm la, u 2 very long fren liao.dun jus a few word then all broken lo! anyway, hope u can sms to congrat he

Me: I dun1 choi him d. Each time ffk me and Kian Leong. Think he kl lang damn geng d.

Aslyn: ...

(sms yingrish la. So lots of grammar mistakes)

My old friends all know that i tulan this guy(?) already. And actually the other friends do too because of the same reason.

Anyway, congrats to all friends of mine who got into the course and univeristies that they want. For those who did not, so sorry for you all. The mistake is not necessary at the students, but at... You all know la.

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