217# A Review of End of Semester 1

217# A Review of End of Semester 1

I just want to pass. I don't fancy of getting an A because it's far beyond from reaching. Maybe i could pray for an A minus.

Pass please. I don't want to be in the borderline VIVA list. And of cause i don't want to re-sit damn it. Already study for so much, if fail means i want everybody fail with me.

Short Answer Questions (SAQ) which comtributes 38% of the entire result was indeed a hardest one. 24 questions within 2 hours. And 5 out of the 24 were questions from behavioural sciences. Which i dislike. Stuffs about statistics, psychology and socialogy. Now i know why Adrien said he dislike psychology.

OSPE, total of 32% was an average one. Although i forgot a lot of answers which i was not supposed to. Knew to teach people the names for this and that. And in the end i forgot everything. Just too much of stuffs to remember. So many topics within 4 months. That's why medicine is the nerdiest course among all.

Final consists of 440 marks and contributes 70% of our result. I can only lose 86 marks for a borderline A minus, which is kind of impossible, but i still hope on. And if nothing bad happen, i think i can pass. I don't think i lost more than 120 marks in total of 440, which will make me fail...

And that's all, semester one is over. Days being a furniture in the library seemed happened yesterday. Staying in the library for 4 to 7 hours a day was what most of the people did. And there was a sofa at a corner, which people usually recharge themselves with.

Lights are bright in the library.




Sleep, but eyes opened when shuttered.

IMU students are generally rude. We (I think me myself is included) usually to show to anyone in the campus the international sign language.

Take this.

With double highlighter some more.

Show during driving some more.

Oh yeah.

Still thinking of what to do to fill up my holidays. I'm not that kind of person who can work. I'm lacking of that kind of patience. Planning to go Sarawak for rain Forest Festival. Which i don't know what is it about. Just heard that it is the only happening thing in Sarawak, which we'd like. Something like life shows.

Have to do my elective during the middle of august. Draw one or two pictures to take part in IMU's art competition. Continue my PS2 game, Devil May Cry 3 - Very Hard Mode. 3 more missions to complete. Play more DoTA... Change my rusted electric guitar strings. Play the new piano...

Damn. I should get a life.

For those who already came back to Msia, find one day we go yamcha la.

PS: Screw World Cup.

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