218# The End of Semester 1

218# The End of Semester 1

I passed my borderline interview test. I passed my semester 1.

Congrats to everyone of you all who passed the finals with ordinary grades. A and A minus seemed so ordinary nowadays since you all can do so well for all the papers.

For those who did not pass the finals or the borderline test, all the best for the re-sit exam. Please do not give up yet because there are still chances to work on.

Kena Viva, survived Viva.

Usually after each of every paper, regardless summative assessment or final papers, and also after each time we collected our results, conventionally we will go DoTa after that. And yesterday we did the same as well. But too bad there were only few of us and the game wasn't that nice.

Mike also can DoTA already. Solo-ed Roshan at Version 6.34AI normal. Recent DoTA ability plus minus 25%.

Yesterday was the first time i had steamboat with my M106 batch mates. The table seemed to be so small for 14 of us. I'd join anything after i collected my result. My sunshine shone bright ahead and extinguished my grief, and i regained my appetite to stuff foods into my mouth. Chew and swallow.

Nonetheless, i feel bad because most of them scored A or A minus. And yet i scored a B only. I understand how they made it, but i don't understand why i couldn't make it. Perhaps i need to double up my hardwork and turn over two new leaves at the coming up semester.

This guy, TKS, excel in almost everything. Sports, bowling scorer holder among us. Study, on top of us all. DoTA, a freaking pro player. And even his body is muscular enough to pose.

I'm gonna sell this to the MP, this guy was trying to support piracy.

More piracy supports.

I don't know what to do for my holiday. Everyone is having their good time. Doing their electives in Taman Negara, or scuba diving. Going to Hong Kong for Medical Student Conference. Went Genting Highlands. Went back to their hometowns respectively... Well, i'm stucked at home.

Please give me a reason to step out from my gate. Thank you.

See you all folks after September. Bring me some souvenier from your hometowns. I want penang laksa, Ipoh mineral water, sarawak pepper, japan manga.

PS: Why do people support piracy?

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