220# Ethnics

220# Ethnics

Year 2005. The Japanese altered the history regarding the Second World War and released it in textbooks to be used in education. It shaked the whole world and msia also threw shit towards them.

Year 2006. Msia altered the history regarding the racial massacre incidents and released it in textbooks to be used in higher education. It shakes the whole country and their people throw shit towards them.

"When you point a finger towards the others, you're pointing the rest of the four at youself"

I can't imagine how brainless this country can be. They stopped building the bridge and prefer to lose couple of millions. Never mind, there are number of tax payers out there so they can still leech from them. They sold MV Agust stock for only one euro. Never mind, there are still chances.

They knew to critique how the japanese modified the truth. They knew why they should not hide the truth from the new generations. They knew everything.

But somehow, they will still do anything in order to protect their rights and their faces, by any means.

I don't understand the motive of them releasing this "storybook". But i can roughly outline the story, which i read from the newspaper.

"Once upon a time, there was this bunch of Ah Beng always seek for trouble. They gathered and insulted Ali and friends. Ali and the other brave heroes stood up, and succeed to shut those Ah Beng's mouths up. A drip or two blood were unavoidable. In the end, the heroes retrieved the grace of their race.

Muthu and the others always give trouble to the country. Peace was distrupted because of those people. Therefore sons of Ali and the other gave Muthu and friends a little bit punishment to educate them. They were well being educated, and one life only being taken."

End of story.

Again and again they emphasize how helpless, how necessary they needed to take those steps. By goes means by goes. It doesn't matter who triggered the trouble, we are already bearing the consequences now. And the worst thing is the way they beautify themselves to remain innocent.

What pull us apart is not the difference of the races, is the politicians, who made up the gahmen and lined out all the non sense policies. Screw it.

Mr MM strongly disagree to retract the books. He kept on stressing how important it is to let the generation to know the relation between the races. But dude, come on. How can the generation be educated with these kind of biased history?

I'm 120% sure that all history we studied in school are biased. Histories are hand written by man and it always never tell the truth. The authors who wrote the stories are biased and subjective. They wrote the "truth" by according to their judgement, and mixed with their own evaluations.

Considering the fact that msia has only history which is less than a few hundred years, but the story tellers are able to extend, exaggerate, elaborate the whole damn thing. And fixed them into "Sejarah Malaysia" book from "Tingkatan Satu"... until "Tingkatan Lima". Endlessly, students can't escape from studying non sense even they reached at university.

I'm not interested on their contributions to the nation. Because those are widely over exaggerated at the textbooks. And the contributions from the others who were not "their people" are never being mentioned anymore. Can you find Ah Yap's and Ah Singh"s names and their contributions at the textbooks? I bet you can't. You can only find their people ones only.

The day i started to hate history was the day i was forced to study chapter 2 of form 4 history. I couldn't stand that they kept on praising how smart their people is, how great their people are. From the begining until the end were all words to praise, to beautify themselves. I couldn't stand it and i threw the damn book onto the shelve.

Since that day onwards, i began to hate those who run the country. "Sejarah Malaysia"? Why not just change the whole damn book into "Sejarah Is***" straight away? Since more than 50% of the book released since 2004 are chapters about their religion only.

Anyway, finally this book is retracted. The country keeps on doing insane things again and again.

PS: Let's see what other stupid things this country can do again.

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