221# Manga

221# Manga

Back to the early 90's, there were few comics from japan which were really popular. The most irresistable, addictive and exciting comic must be Dragonball. Who did not know Dragonball 10 years ago?

The golden, spiky, shinny haired fighters with the light ball named Kame hame ha. The seven balls which would fulfill people's dream(s), who would manage to gather all seven of it. Although the story is plain simple, but it had a special attraction to almost everyone. Even my uncle took the book from me to read when i was 10.

I'm still having the comic books, which i borrowed from my friend last year. I'm still having the book 18 until 43, which is the end. Although my friend stays nearby only, but i feel lazy to return the books to him and feel like owning the books...

Other than Dragonball, Slam Dunk was once a bomb. Still remember the times where after my school, i'll walk to the comic bookstore nearby my primary school to rent, or to buy the book. I bought the part 7 and 8 for RM3.50 that time. Now none of the book is sold with this price. Not at all...

I had this whole episode of comic, from book 1 until book 24, titled Yaiba. From the author of Detective Conan for your info. And after i read it, i was so stupid and i sold the whole damn series of books. It was stupid to sell it, and it was super stupid to sell all full 24 with the price of RM20! RM0.83 for a book!

And the RM20 that i traded in, i "gave" back to the bookstore by buying 4 books of Neon Genesis Evangelion which costed RM5 per book. Now when i think back, i feel like killing myself. And when i saw Yaiba is out again with new printing, and sold for RM5.00 per book, i feel like killing the man who asked me to sell the whole 24 books to him with RM24! I sold him the books 6 times cheaper 6 years ago!

I will not sell, give or throw away any of my comic book collection, not again. I miss my Slam Dunk book which i sold to my friend RM1 per book, and also my Dragonball for RM2 per book... Damn it.

And that's why, i'm still keeping the comic magazine i bought since i was 12 until now. There are more than 400 issues of the magazine and are all still good in condition. And i always read it when i have notihng to do. Rm3.50 per book is the guaranteed, the cheapest in town. Around 17 chapters of different comic every week. Although i only read 7 or 8 out of those, but it's still worthy for me.

People ask me, why am i still buying physical books instead of downloading from the net. Well, you can't bring your laptop into the toilet to read while you are doing business at the same time right... That is one of the difference between reading it at the screen and holding it with your hands. Spending time more than 20 minutes in the toilet is normal if the comic is too attractive.

Even though we have Naruto, Bleach, Gundam Seed... or whatever popular comics nowadays, but none can still compare with Dragonball and Slam Dunk 10+years ago. In Denmark, people steal Dragonball comic book to sell!

Another nice one for me is Neon Genesis Evangelion which i have mentioned. Eva is announced dead for more than 11 years. Back to 12 years ago, Eva was once a hot topic before. Terms like "Out-of-control", "prototype", "test-type", "Ultimate Human Project", "Adam", "Angel" were widely used before because of the influence of the anime. Thanks to Justin who borrowed me the anime which he found dust covered. I don't understand the ending of the story, though. I'm still looking for the comic, if any.

Slam Dunk is over, and the author is currently working on a work which about a famous samurai. He draws for the comic Real sometimes. Which is about wheelchair basketball. Its storyline is one of the best i've ever seen. It educate people about the difficulties faced by the disables, and their faith to push them on to survive.

This kid forced to amputate his right leg. Got his foot jointed at the knee - Rotation.

The prosthetic. He revealed his feelings of being abandoned by his dad when he was drunk.

Give me something shock, like Dragonball, please. And too bad the author is too lazy. Sometimes he would draw something about Dragonball, but is some cat, feline kind of Dragonball, which disappoint people who expect something better from him...

Ps: Why Bleach is so famous? I can't catch up with the story wei...

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