293# Cheras

293# Cheras

One day my friends called me to go for pasar malam. Oh well, it's been ages since my last walk in a pasar malam. I have never step into it since i got busy with my A level exams few years back.

At that time, for a period, i used to go every week with a secondary school friend of mine. Nothing particular to buy over there, but we just walk around and buy drinks there.

And this time, my friend ask me to go Cheras one.

I was like, omg. Why? Why Cheras one?

Why a pasar malam there? Which situated at 44km away from my house, which needs to pass 3 tolls, which costs RM2.20 each?

And he told me, the largest pasar malam in the country.

Wo, okay... I never knew that pasar malam would be LARGE...

We got there after a long 45 minutes of journey. A pasar malam, indeed.

What differs from the usual pasar malam that i've been to is that, the people there.

Seems that KL has more chinese. And i hardly see any worshippers right there.

Actually i did, spotted a family. And me and my friend was like... "Wow...".

The usual pasar malam that i went was occupied by indians and indians only la. So that was the first time i see so many chinese in a pasar malam.

What a night to be remember!

We walked until a part where the stall lines suddenly ended. Actually that area supposed to have stalls. But instead we spotted hand written banners hung everywhere right there.


And i read nicely what's written on them.

What? Who?

Who is Lim S*ei Chai?

A S*ei Chai (Literally useless son in cantonese) with surname Lim? Who hates him so much?

And wait, DBKL means Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur isn't it?

For what fark they put these 2 things and curse together?

I look around at other banners and i saw this,

Omfg, Lim S*ei Chai is actually someone's name!

Seems that the story behind was, this Mr. Lim plus the DBKL sort of like prohibiting hawkers there to do business right there.

Therefore there goes the protest against the party by those helpless hawkers.

And this is the special straight forward ones!

I think i know what they were trying to mean.

Anyway, we turned back and walked to the other end.

Then we turned back to the same spot, the banners were gone. And the hawkers appeared with their stalls!

Kind of funny where they delayed their business just because of that manner. I don't know anything regarding to that, so rectify my points if you know any.

So basically the pasar malam there has more stuffs than i expected. More pirated dvds, more pirated sport shoes, more magical trick toys, more food...

Those did not bother me. But i got what i want there, octopus balls!

I tasted Sunway Pyramid ones with unreasonable price, therefore i gave a try to a pasar malam ones.

RM2.50 isn't too bad after all, even though they have less toppings than Pyramid ones. But still, RM1.30 cheaper.

I bought 1 box, walk around. U turn. Reached the same stall again, bought another box.

The boss was kind of happy to find out that i travel all the way for the pasar malam, and i bought from him for the second time, although there were so many other stalls right there.

So he gave me extra flakes and a lot of mayonnaise , and asked me,

" Mayonnaise enough or not?"

"Wo.. enough enough, thanks."

"Thanks for your support too."


What were those big guys doing right there? Thirsty?

I went back around late 11pm. For people right there, the night has just begun. Because i saw a lot of people walked to the pasar malam's direction, and a few cars were just looking for parkings right there.

LOST, Dr. House, Grey's, OC... dvds selling RM10/piece at subang square, where LOST session one costs RM70, crazy. But hey, the pasar malam there selling at RM30 only, PLUS session 2 in it!

RM30 for LOST session one and two, you should say "omg, hou lan peng!".

But wait, say no to piracy, buy original shall you?

Go speedy and dig out your cold hard cash, or borrow original copy from friends. As long as you do no piracy.

Again, say no to piracy!

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